This week it’s all about something we have very little of – free time.  During those breaks in your day, which of the following activities do you enjoy participating in the most?

Which of the following activities do you enjoy participating in the most

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  1. These days I really like having my Kindle app on my iPhone. It used to be if I went to lunch with folk from work they would feel a little offended that I brought a book. (You know, in case I get stuck in line I have something to read). The phone fits in my pocket and no one knows I have a book ready to go.

  2. I tend to do different things with my free time, but videogames tends to come up at ad more frequently.

    So who do you people feel who will answer “I have no free time.”? Matthew or Stephen?

  3. Of late it’s been video games a lot of the time. I find that they relax me and allow me to get rid of some stress, and not to mention they’re pretty darn fun. That’s not to say I don’t listen to Major Spoilers or Critical Hit. They’re great to listen to while playing Minecraft. Nothing like a well-placed reference by Matthew to throw me off for a moment.

  4. I listen to podcasts while I’m working (at work or at home). When I sit down on the couch to relax its with a book in my hand!

  5. Of the choices, I picked podcasts because I listen to a bunch.

    What I would have picked: Painting Miniatures. i don’t game, but I’m learning to paint minis. I’m no Aldo though. :)


  6. podcasts to the point that I am backlogged and had to give up the B squad. The ear buds are in my ears all weekend. Aside from major spoilers slew of goodness (number 1 on the charts, number one in our hearts), there’s the Nerdist, NPR podcasts, gamerswithjob, BBC radio podcasts. It never stops.

  7. I woted for podcasts, but it’s kind of a toss-up between that and “I have no free time at all”. Lucky me I kand sneak some podcasting in between patients :)

  8. I voted for sleep. Only because I have a 4 month old at home and sleep is a commodity right now. A close second Major Spoilers pod cast when my head hits the pillow follwed some book read (either w/ words and w/ pictures)

  9. Listening to podcasts is something I greatly enjoy doing, but isn’t really relevant for me as an answer to this question, since I typically listen to the podcast while I’m doing something else (working or driving being the primary two activities).

    I went with reading, since I do a lot of that, and I also decided that browsing the internet falls into that category, as that’s something I derive a lot of enjoyment from.

  10. I listen to podcasts and music while playing video-games and read comic books/manga the rest of my free time or the odd tv show now and then.

    P.S. Is “killing hookers” an option? Seriously thou, asking this on a site focused around comic books MIGHT, just might, have biased responses, just a bit, maybe, you see my point, perhaps.

  11. I’m an English teacher and nothing gives me more unadulterated pleasure than reading something I want to read rather than something I have to.

    There is no joy quite so simple and yet so effective as immersing yourself in a book. Joining the characters in their journeys, their trials and their tribulations.

    It’s something that is so easily passed on. I have a 1 year old who already has favourite books. She would rather sit and read with me than watch anything on the telly. Books in my opinion will outlast any other medium.

    (I include comics in the above)

  12. Reading.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t at least read something. I’m always reading a while before bedtime (even if I have to re-read something I’ve already read), and some days it is almost all I do.

    It stems back to when I was going through treatment for leukemia as a kid. Reading was my escape. For a little while, I wasn’t the sick kid trapped in the hospital bed, I was wherever the books took me. With my health once again on the crappy side, books are once again my main escape. If I ever had to choose between having a TV and having books, I’ll choose books without a second thought.

  13. I have to vote reading. Usually because the house is usually quiet when I sit down for serious reading.
    I’m not sure which I enjoy more: the reading, or the peace and quiet :)

  14. Though I certainly love reading, and playing my video games, I honestly had to go with sleep.

    Entertainment cannot quite match the pure bliss I feel when crawling into a cool bed after a long and trying day. My body just finds the perfect position and I cannot be any happier. Life has been so tough as of late, and I just know at the end of the day that my bed will never ever let me down.

  15. Well, I answered videogames, since that’s how I like to spend my downtime. But I probably spend longer listening to music/podcasts, since I listen to it almost constantly on the way to, from, and while at, work. And that’s a lot longer than my free time. Sleep is a close second sometimes, especially lately, where I seem to be in a constant state of quasi exhaustion.

  16. It may sound like a stretch but seriously the true answer for me would be an “all of the above” choice for the given answers.

  17. I have 3 young sons (6, 8, and 10); most free time I have is driving to and from work, so I had to vote for listening to podcasts…

  18. Because I have no free time (no, really), podcasts are the only one of these that apply to me: they’re a great way to get my fix of news and nerdity while I’m working and have no time to engage my self in other pastimes.

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