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Actors Peter Mayhew and Tom Kane, Star Wars fan groups The Rebel and 501st Legions, and the R2-D2 Builders of the Lehigh Valley – Join the Great Allentown Comic Con! November 19-20th Mega Show Guest Lineup.

The Great Allentown Comic Con presents the MEGA SHOW to be held November 19th and 20th with a science fiction theme featuring STAR WARS guests and groups. Fans are invited to come together to collect unopened STAR WARS toys for needy children and to bid high on original comic art in an auction fundraiser supporting an Epilepsy Awareness comic book.

Iconic Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew headlines a galactic sized group of Star Wars themed guests that includes Clone Wars voice actor Tom Kane in addition to an R2D2 droid unit, numerous Jedi, Imperial Storm Troopers, Bounty Hunters, and other fan favorite Star Wars characters of the 501st and Rebel Legions.

Peter Mayhew is best known for playing the Wookie Chewbacca in four of the major Star Wars films, a role the 7’2″ English actor was born to play. In the years following the films, Mayhew has moved to the United States, become a citizen, and most recently begun writing children’s novels with his wife Angie Mayhew.

Tom Kane has spent nearly three decades doing voice work, often times as the narrating voice that helps propel a story and draw listeners into fantastical worlds. Currently he plays the part of Yoda on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, while also providing the narrative voice for each episode. In addition to Star Wars, Kane has also worked on the popular children’s cartoon The Powerpuff Girls and lent his voice to the 2011 movie, The Smurfs as the “Narrator Smurf.”

Both the Garrison Carida® and the Rebel Legion will be at the show Saturday November 19th ONLY, and holding a special Star Wars themed trivia contest. Sunday see Peter Mayhew and Tom Kane discussing their experiences on Star Wars films and cartoons, so be sure to plan accordingly.
Additional guests are also being planned, and should be announced in coming weeks. For more information visit us online at

Christopher D. Wertz, Show Founder and Promoter says, “We are pleased to announce that Star Wars icons such as Peter Mayhew and Tom Kane, will be joined by members of The Rebel Legion’s Echo Base and Garrison Carida® of the 501st Legion at the November 2011 Mega Show of the Lehigh Valley’s largest pop culture extravaganza, The Great Allentown Comic Con! After the great response fans had for the 501st at our first show in 2010, it was an easy decision to expand and include the ‘good-guys’ for our first multi-day extravaganza event.”

About The Great Allentown Comic Con! – The Largest Pop-Culture Comic Convention in the Lehigh Valley. Founded in 2010, by Riverside Comics; The Great Allentown Comic Con (GACC) is already one of the fastest growing Fan-focused events in the comics industry. Currently located in the 10,000 sq ft Showroom of the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown PA, the GACC is dedicated to producing celebrations of comics and popular culture by providing unique access to talented artists and a family-friendly experience for fans. The show motto “Get UR Geek On!” represents in part the recognition of the diverse and unique nature of our fans, and our commitment to providing events where they can come express themselves freely.

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  1. Huh, lived in Allentown all my life and just heard about this (granted, it just started last year). Merchant Square Mall is a dirt mall, though …. odd place to have it, if anywhere.

    • George,

      The largest hotel we found in the area was only 6,000 SF…the MS Mall showroom is 10,000. 6 years ago one could use the 100,000 SF Expo Center, but that is now abandoned and foreclosed space…and the Sands Casino’s new 50,000 SF conference center will not be completed until the middle of next year.

      And before you suggest the Fairgrounds…well that location has its own challenges that i wont go into here.

      I hope we see you at the show, who knows you may just discover that the location has more character than you have noticed before…what with Wonder Woman, the Joker and some Stormtroopers walking around it. :)

  2. “the Sands Casino’s new 50,000 SF conference center will not be completed until the middle of next year.”

    Yeah, that is going to be the sweet spot, but I am sure that will be getting a lot of conventioning love for the first 2-3 years of being opened.

    And by calling the Merchant Square a dirt mall, I meant it as an endearing quality. Used to love buying Vinyl there and looking at the odd auction hall every now and then.

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