In this issue: More phone calls from Major Spoilerites as the discussion of the New 52 continues. What will Stephen and Matthew keep, and what will they remove from their pull lists?


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  1. Sorry I couldn’t call in – would have loved to get one of Stephen’s cast off doodads. I’m fairly new to comics. I started listening to Critical Hit after a mention of it on one of Scott Johnson’s podcasts and that led me to here. I was always put off the super hero titles by the sheer number of titles, character, heroes and villains that it seemed I was supposed to know. I have no desire to read a comic that requires extensive research on wikipedia to understand who the major players are. Listening to you led me to Atomic Robo, Chew, and The Goon – all of which I have loved. DC’s “New 52” event seemed like a good time for me to try to get on the super hero bandwagon so I have picked up quite a few of the new titles. I have enjoyed most of them and I will have to narrow down the titles that I will go forward with. Definitely will continue to reads are: Animal Man (creepy and awesome), Resurrection Man, Swamp Thing (didn’t care for the first issue, but I’ve already read the 2nd and now I’m hooked), Frankenstein (madcap fun), and Batman. Maybe’s are Demon Knights (not sure what all the fuss is about but I’ll give it a few more issues), Batgirl, Red Hood (I’m not opposed to a little T&A and the first third and last third of the book were good. Let’s hope Starfire grows a personality as big as her . . . ah . . . ummm . . . hands), Omac (loved the art but have no idea what is going on – didn’t seem like a number one issue to me). No thanks – one is enoughs include Savage Hawkman (really wanted to like it), Green Arrow (meh), and The Flash (double meh). Keep up the good work guys. I will be in India and China for the next three weeks so I’ll have a lot of podcast listening and comic book reading to do when I get back.

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