Wizards of the Coast is reporting record attendance at the Innistrad pre-release. Take the jump for additional information, likely causes and some links.

Here’s a statement from Elaine Chase, Brand Director for Magic: The Gathering:

We’re so excited to see players and stores so engaged in these fantastic pre-release events, We’re attributing the increased player and store participation to an awesome set combined with the addition of Planeswalker Points, which has really encouraged people to get to their stores and experience all that Magic has to offer.

Planeswalker Points were rolled out a few weeks ago, they are a new way for players to track their player ratings.

Innistrad released on Friday September 30th, with Launch Party celebrations being held all over the world. Initial reports also indicate that Launch Party attendance will break previous records set as well.

For more information about Magic: The Gathering and Innistrad, visit magicthegathering.com


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