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RZG Comics is a division of RedZoneGirls, Inc., a full service marketing/ communications company specializing in print and digital media. Best known for their photography and calendar work, they are launching their new division- RZG Comics at NYCC 2011 booth #1936.

“This year we are very excited to announce our major comics launch through Diamond Comic Distribution. All of our lines of comic projects will be promoted at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, Oct 13-16,” said President and company founder, Carl Maiorino.

The company will be launching their flagship title, “Phazer” at the show. Phazer, created by Mariano Nicieza, follows the story of scientist Mark Moreno, the victim of a sabotaged experiment with alien technology. As a result, he is doomed to uncontrollably shift through time and myriad alternate reality Earths. On each new world, his unique altered molecular structure displays a different super-power. Pursued by Krauhzz, a relentless shape- shifting alien spy bent on killing him, Moreno’s very existence has become a fight for survival. The first title, Phazer will be in the October Previews catalog available in the Diamond booth at the show and will be on sale in December at comic shops everywhere. The second Phazer title will be a licensed tie-in to Dave Ryan’s War of the Independents comic book series. War of the Independents is a historic undertaking combining over 200 characters and creators from the independent comic book publishing community and combining them in an explosive series akin to Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” and DC’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. The RZG Comics title will feature crossover tie-ins to the War with Phazer and individual creator owned characters.

Additionally at the show, we are premiering the rest of our diverse line of comics. We will be launching Vampires vs Nazis a film-noir comic set in World War II and Candela, a sci-fi fantasy adventure based on a concept created by Rachael Platt. All of the series will be ongoing bi-monthly titles in full color, 32 page comic book format with flip book covers. Many of our creative teams and models will be at the show doing personal appearances and signings in our booth.

“We we’re very fortunate to get industry legend Jim Steranko to create a stunning painted poster for the Phazer launch. He was able to design a collage piece featuring nine of our RZG Comics and War of the Independents top characters. Signed Steranko posters will be available at the show,” stated Creative Director, Rachael Platt.

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