Kyle Rayner, Earth’s rookie Lantern, has proven himself time and again in the time that he’s had a ring. With the GL’s getting the least amount of change, what new challenges lie ahead for Kyle? Find out after the jump.

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Tyler Kirkham
Inker: Batt
Colorist: Nei Ruffino
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist: Kirkham, Batt, and Rod Reis
Editor: Pat McCallum
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

Previously in Green Lantern: New Guardians: Kyle Rayner was the last Green Lantern. Having been specifically chosen by Ganthet after Hal Jordan went crazy and killed the rest, Kyle was able to restore the Green Lantern Corps to its former strength and then some. Becoming the Torchbearer and one of the Lantern Honor Guard, Kyle led the Lanterns through most of their recent crises. Now back on Earth, what trouble comes next?


We open with a retelling of Kyles origin, starting after the destruction of Oa and the Corps, then heading to the bar and then alley that Kyle lucked into to become the latest and last Green Lantern, for awhile. Honestly, this was probably the best plan with many of the returning heroes, but Kyle was the only one to get it. I enjoyed getting to see Kyle pre-ring and showing his quick ability to learn and adapt as he creates a construct version of Ganthet immediately. Fast forward to the present and we see a Sinestro taking on some Khunds get decommissioned, a Red Lantern burning a war get decommissioned, and a Star Sapphire saving a family from pirates get decommissioned, all of them stating a replacement sentient lock in sector 2814. There isn’t anything impressive with the three tales, just a bit of a look at the different attitudes of the different Corps, with a decent job of each. I only wonder if there is a significance to the sectors, as none are the same, nor are they Earth’s.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Kyle is rescuing people from a collapsing construction sight. While being the personable with the people he saved, Kyle is approached by a blue ring, telling him he’s been chosen, then a red one, then the other four colors. Kyle’s reaction is great, with a “This can’t be good,” shortly before Fatality, currently/still a Sapphire, Arkillo of the Sinestros, Bleez, the red angel, and Munk of the Indigo tribe turn up to challenge the Ring-Robber. I find myself intrigued.


I have often told my friends that, while Guy is my favorite Lantern, Kyle is often my favorite to read because of the artistry of his constructs, and this issue lives up to that. Almost immediately after obtaining a ring Kyle is able to make a chibi-Ganthet (can the little blues actually be made into chibi versions?). Later on, while saving the construction site, he does so with giant construction workers of his own. The four workers are also rather distinct. The rest of the Lanterns get some good looks as well, with a unique member of the Sinestro Corps and a distinct and decent look for the default powers of the other Corps. I have very little to complain about here as well, in fact only the odd way the light plays with Kyles hair.


This is exactly what I was looking for in a number one. An introduction to the major characters, a bit of info about their previous roles, and a good hook to want me to come back for more. The story flowed quite well, despite bouncing across the universe every few pages, and was a good slice of the world, referencing Hal without bringing in too much, and a decent use of characters. I’m very much looking forward to book two, and book one has earned itself 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.

Rating: ★★★★½


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  1. I also loved chibi-Ganthet. I didn’t like the intro sequence, however, as it didn’t indicate that it was taking place in the past; I know Kyle’s history and all, but I felt like it would confused new readers, when all they had to do was put “A few years ago” or something on the first page.

    • My friend said the exact same thing about them not mentioning the amount of time that had past and how it could confuse new readers like myself thinking that only a few days could have passed. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but will do so in the next day or two.

      • yeah this confused me until Kyle meet Ganthet out in the alley that it clicked in my head that this is retelling of Kyles origin. The could have put in the recent past or something to identify it as the past in the story.

    • I agree with wanting a sign up front saying that it was in the past. I actually didn’t even see the text box that said “The Present Day” on it during my first run through. It’s on the page where the Sinestro Corps member is attacking the Khunds. I was a little confused, and since they did put a “Present Day” thing, maybe there was supposed to be a tag on the first page and it was just an error in printing.

      I’m a big fan of Kyle Rayner, so I’m definitely down for this book for sure. I was hoping I’d get to see him in a big way during this relaunch.

    • this book was my first introduction to good ol’ Kyle, and i was very confused as to why all the gaurdians were dead, then alive in the other two green lantern titles. now i know, but it was very confusing.

    • Agreed. With the possibly exception of Gnort being a little better.

      Actually I like all the Lanterns, I just first got into Green Lantern in the 90s through Kyle Rayner, so he’ll always be my favorite GL. Much like David Tennant is my Doctor and Mike Nelson is my favorite human Satellite of Love inhabitant.

  2. Probably my favorite of the Lantern books, although i agree it should have said how long ago the intro took place, even knowing his origin i wasn’t sure if this was a “new” version or when. I am very interested in where things are going and why though, and the art was decent enough.

  3. As someone who hasn’t had too much experience with the greater DCU before I didn’t expect to like this title as much as I did. GL hasn’t really been one of the characters on my radar before and the cover didn’t really signal “you’ll really like this” to me. That said, This has definitely earned a spot in the 10 or so titles I’m willing to follow going forward.

  4. I’m new to this character so I thought that he just got his powers and then pretty much the next day had all of these rings flying at me. I’m glad I read the review and the comments to appreciate that is isn’t all supposed to be happening in the same week or so!

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