ME WANT: Adidas Wampa shoes


When it comes to weird things you can market based off a comic book or movie property, these Star Wars themed shoes have to rank near the top. The Star Wars Campus 80s Wampa Shoes are inspired by the snow monster from the Empire Strikes Back.  But don’t worry, no Wampas were harmed in the making of these furry sneakers.

Inspired by that abominable snow beast from Planet Hoth that almost made Luke Skywalker into a meal. These adidas Star Wars Campus 80s shoes dress up the retro basketball shoes with a faux Wampa fur upper made from horsehair, with a Wampa tongue badge and a laser-cut Wampa logo.

Whew! Horsehair!  At least no imaginary animals were harmed.

I still want a pair, but I think the $150 price tag is going to have me waiting on these for some time.

via Adidas