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Actor/Producer/Content Creator STEPHANIE THORPE is
quickly becoming the most sought after “geek” in Hollywood. Just
announced, Thorpe’s invitation to two separate panels at Seattle’s
GeekGirlCon on October 8th, 2011.

An expert on New Media, Thorpe is a celebrated panelist and speaker
and has been featured at numerous conventions around the country
including Digital Hollywood, AFI, Screen Actors Guild, SAG
Conservatory, WonderCon, Comic-Con, and VidCon; and is scheduled to
appear at Comikaze and SXSW next year.

This past July, Thorpe appeared at San Diego’s Comic Con, alongside
ElfQuest creators Wendy and Richard Pini, to discuss her role in the
current phenomenon of fan resurgence in the mystical 1978 comic book
series. Collaborating with producing partner Paula Rhodes, Thorpe
created the fan-made, non-profit trailer “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining”
which launched to high media praise at WonderCon and was followed by a
Screen Actors Guild New Media gala event. Since then, Thorpe’s
ElfQuest website continues to enjoy enormous success and fan support
and has been featured on CBS.

Currently, Thorpe is attending the New York Television Festival
(NYTVF) to promote the Parsec Award-winning “Gold: Night of the Zombie
King,” in which she stars, and was nominated Best Supporting Actress.

Up next, Thorpe joins the cast for the second season of the
live-action web series “The Shelf Life,” which she is producing
alongside Yuri Lowenthal (Legion of Superheroes) and Tara Platt
(Afterworld). The project is directed by Eisner Award-winning comic
author Paul Jenkins. In other producing news, Thorpe is developing an
Untitled Andrew Erin TV series, a new Travel/Food/Fashion show hosted
by Kristyn Burtt, and The Geek Girl comedy series.

Thorpe has proven herself a driving force as a producer and actor in
numerous web projects including the critically acclaimed “After
Judgment” (6 Streamy nominations), “Asylum” (NYTVF official selection,
LA Web Fest winner, and just picked up by BET), Babelgum’s “Hurtling
Through Space,” and Tyler Mane’s “The Mane Show.” Thorpe has been
nominated to the Board of Directors for IAWTV, hosted 4 events for the
non-profit organization Celebrate the Web and is a founding member of
The League of Extraordinary Ladies, a group of over 600 members
focused on fostering connections in the geek community.

Date: Saturday, October 8th
Panel 1: Character Studies: Geek Girls in Popular Culture – 4-5pm
Panel 2: Women in Fantasy – 6-7pm
About the Event: GeekGirlCon, a female-focused, geek centric
convention that celebrates the feminine involvement in and
contribution to Geek Culture. The first of its kind, GeekGirlCon
strives to be an event that celebrates women in the fields of math,
the sciences, fiction, games, comics and more.

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Follow Her on Twitter @thestephthorpe


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  1. “female focused, geek centric”. I guess I’m getting old because there was a time that this phrase would have been an oxymoron.

    By the way, I see you guys are running adds for Chikara! Great! Quackenbush and company are an interesting bunch of folks.

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