Marvel sent over the covers for the first two issues of Wolverine and the X-Men that you can check out, after the jump.

Written by JASON AARON
Pencils and Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
FOC – 10/3/11, ON SALE – 10/26/11

Written by JASON AARON
Pencils and Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
FOC – 10/31/11, ON SALE – 11/23/11

via Marvel


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  1. Just a couple of questions for one that hasn’t been paying much attention to “X-Men” other than the “Vampire Wars” arc (I have no idea why…). First is that’s appears to be Nightcrawler and not the “bit ‘o rough” Nightcrawler from the “Age of Apocolypse” reality. But there appears to be multiple “Crawlers”. What did I miss?

    Beast – A toolbelt. Why? And why would someone with feline characteristics need red-lensed glasses?

  2. I guess Marvel’s big hype of Nightcrawler being killed didnt last long. God I am glad I gave up Marvel. Now DC’s stunt has got me off of them. No comics for me for a long time.

  3. Nightcrawler probably just had a litter of little crawlers at some point before he died. They could be depowered but kept their outward appearance like some of the post m-day mutants.

    • If a certain Chuck Austin story hasn’t been ret-conned yet, doesn’t Nightcrawler have tons of half-brothers and sisters out there? I could swear I remember his father being the devil and going around having as many kids as possible or somethind idiotic like that.

      • Yes, he made children so that he could have access to a way to earth, but that started the nonsense of ‘Well why would a guy come to earth to make portals back to earth? How did he get there the first time? Oh, you retconned it so his army could get to earth? His army of children who are born on earth? You’re also retconning the entire hells pantheon as if they didnt exist like memphisto? WTF?’
        The entire story got very convoluted very quickly. He’s also in Xmen:First class movie.

  4. Although I wouldn’t put it past Marvel and the X-Men creative team to bring back Nightcrawler from the dead (since that’s just the way things go in comicbooks)… however it could be…

    Nils Styger (aka Abyss) – Nightcrawler’s Half Brother, YES he was one of the depowered mutants as of M-Day however with Hope in the picture who is to say that some depowered mutants couldn’t get their powers back with one touch from her?

    Or, do we forget that Nightcrawler’s daughter is Nocturne (Talia Wagner)… the time-traveling blue skin princess of the Exiles? What’s to say that she knows about her father’s death… travels to the point in time where he is about to die and saves him via a BAMP before his impending death?

    Anyways… who knows… we will have to see in the first couple of issues what is going on.

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