If you’ve been dying to see what Anne Hathaway is going to look like in her Catwoman costume for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie, your moment has arrived.


Hmmm… While I trust Christopher Nolan, and I ended up liking the changes made to the Batman’s costume in the first and second movies, there’s something kind of missing here. I don’t know if it is the fact the suit is so plain or that it looks really weird to be wearing skin tight thigh high boots on a skin tight costume.

Maybe it will look awesome on the big screen with the right lighting.


via Just Jared


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  1. If it wasn’t for the matt black belt I’d say it was a Costume Ball type of costume. Maybe it’s a red herring.
    Either way, Nolan has garnered enough awesome points with the previous movies for me to give him a pretty big benefit of the doubt.

  2. My real problem is with the boots. Thigh-highs with heels? C’mon, Nolan, they aren’t even that ridiculously impractical in the comics.

    Other than that, it’s really unfair to judge it too much based on this crappy photo.

  3. To me, it looks like those glasses, from the picture of her riding the batpod, are pushed up on her head making them look like cat ears.

  4. Simple, very cat-burglar esque, but with what looks like ears too. I see much more impractical footwear at my nightclub, so the boots don’t bother me at all.

  5. okay, I’ll have the courage to say what everyone is thinking but afraid to say. “Is that the catwomen suit from the 1969 series!” That is all.

  6. The suit looks like with movie magic it should be very sleek and properly Catwoman-like, but I just don’t care for that headgear. I have come to really like the full mask and goggles, which frankly makes a lot more sense for someone who doesn’t want their identity compromised. Seriously, even Carol Freaking Ferris was able to recognize Hal with a GL mask on; Selina is smart enough to know that mask won’t conceal her identity to anyone who knows her.

  7. i think the role is not like her, i think the custome is meh, head gear does suck, but nolan is the best so, of course ill see it.

  8. I once said that Nolan’s choice of Heath Ledger was the worst choice for the Joker, but I was proven very wrong. I will wait until I see the movie before I make a decision. For all I know she is attending a masquerade ball and has choosen the 60’s catwoman costume as an homage.

  9. I have been reserved about all of the leaked pictures Ive seen. I don’t believe any of them will look remotely the way the do in final cut. Something in my gut just keeps telling me this film will be NOTHING of what we expect. Which will make it all the more awesome.

  10. Looks like the future has come early, for Gotham City. Intresting taste in costume, not my 1st choice as a costume though. If Halley Berry went sexy for: Cat-Woman, why not Ann Hathaway then?

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