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Celestial Crusade

This episode: The Elves finally get Orem’s ire up, and a fight breaks out.


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  1. This morning, when I saw “Orem is taken down”, I’ve feared the worst! I tough “Oh no he’s down, what append??”. Nice bit of character interaction anyway. Hope to listen to a duel betweer Brenzen and That Guy soon.

  2. Nice show as allway – and an interresting discussion in the end.
    I have a Dragonborn Paladin in my playing group who has put all his stat point into Strength and Constitution. Hes wearing full plate and heavy shield and nothing, nothing can take him down with attacks vs AC.
    Most of the time Im letting him enyou his nigh invulnability becaurse he really payed for it!
    His wisdom and charisma is s#!t and every time the group does anything involving any use of skills he’s a stone around the groups (collective) leg.

    • That’s a good question. How I as a player interpreted it, it was about swordsmanship, not overall combat Had it been overall combat, you’re right, Magic Missile would have worked, and the duel would have been over very quickly considering Magic Missile is an always hit power these days.

      • Thats how I interpreted it as well. It was pure swordmanship, but allowed to use their other abilities to enhance their tactical advantage. EG..HYPNOTIC IMAGE LOOK OVER THERE! THERE IS A TREE YOU WANT TO HUG SO BADLY! Which is what I envisioned. In any case it was interesting.

        Second time posting this comment, first time had horrible typos..So maybe my interpretation is horridly wrong lol.

  3. Nice, we finally learn Orem’s reason to hate elves and it’s a good reason, or rather a reason that would make perfect sense for an Eladrin.

    Was I the only one who wanted Orem to burn his opponents swords with flame sphere and win by default?

  4. I’m curious if this is the first step toward Orem’s paragon path. The whole encounter very much had the feel of a priest of Corellon specifically sent to test Orem.

    Assuming you guys are keeping the association of the Wizards of the Spiral Tower and Corellon, that is, or not flavoring the paragon path as something completely different.

  5. Well, as long as I’m playing Monday morning quarterback, I think it would have been awesome if Orem had used magic missile at 2 and 2. Anticlimactic, sure, but it would have been a showcase of what Orem actually does with his sword (being restricted to basic attacks vs. A ranger doesn’t seem fair), and it would have driven Orem’s dismissive attitude towards elves home.

    And he would have won ;)

  6. Sol Hawk the Ninja on

    HEY GUYZ Sol Hawk the Ninja, your Secret 5th Member here. Awesome ep! If Rodrigo ever decides to become a PC I think Eldarinn the Swordsman would be a great choice. Imagine the hours of dramatic tension between him and Orem that would unfold!

    Stephen, props for your explanation of Orem’s hatred for the Elves. It provided a lot of insight into his character. Orem really was getting angry there – I think it has been his first real opportunity to show the full depth of his character and associated backstory. Rodrigo, nicely done for finding a way to shine a spotlight on Stephen’s character in this way.

    Even Sir Brenzon was speechless! Which I don’t think has ever happened. WOW! BRAVO, GENTLEMEN!

    Sol Hawk
    Takin’ Out Guyz
    Behind the Scenes

  7. The Great NateO on

    Well I have to say that Orem has got his big boy pants on now. Kicking ass and talking smack. Love it.

    D&D Brian / Randus is my favorite, now that you are keeping count! (Good POW question)

    Now my question or comment is this, Randus’ shadow – It can be one of two things off the top of my head. Now this is only if he is still wearing the coat that Smith gave him. (I think he still is)

    1. – Smith
    2. – “He who shatters the sky”

    Somehow when the final battle ended one of them attached themselves to that coat, why the coat well it was Smith’s and “He who shatters the sky” was imprisoned in Smith for a long time. There is a connection to the coat there.

    My bet is Smith, because Randus was the last one holding Smith when he died and then the spirit transfer happed.

    Just a thought!

    • Sol Hawk the Ninja on

      I like your ideas re: the shadow. I, personally, am completely mystified. Can’t wait to see what happens next. With the Astral Sub-Glide now underway and with only Vecna left to find, the finale is coming up and it is coming fast! HUZZAH!

  8. “The pressing matter of saving the universe.” Well, I mean, not as pressing as saving one’s own soul from blemish, but hey. Kill ’em all, let Bahamut sort ’em out. ;)

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