LucasFilm sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of this week’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode that airs on the Cartoon Network on Friday.

In “Prisoners,” the must-see conclusion to the epic two-part season opener of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, all appears lost as the Republic army and its allies the Gungans have been captured by Riff Tamson and his seemingly invincible Karkarodon forces. The future looks as murky as the turbulent undersea battlefields of Mon Calamari, but there still are holdouts. Now all depends on Ahsoka Tano helping young Prince Lee-Char find the internal strength to unite the fractured races of his planet to drive out the Separatist invaders in a pulse-pounding battle airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT Friday, September 23rd on Cartoon Network.


via LucasFilm


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  1. Ah! Eels! Very Tasty when barbecued! Why does the name “Riff Tamson” remind me of “Biff Tanner”? “All appears lost”…. Oh noes! Especially if you believe, like a certain Major Spoiler host, that the three Star Wars prequel movies don’t exist, which of course, means that the Clone Wars series can’t possibly exist either, so OH NO everything IS lost. Ouch! I sprained my sarcasm… “Now all depends on Ahsoka Tano” – that phrase is frightening in oh so many ways. You ought to find the “Is My Character a Mary Sue” test on the internet and plug Asoka Tano into it. You’ll be forced to agree that she’s the biggest Mary Sue around. You know, the cute, endearing young one who, in spite of being young and inexperienced, is insanely magically overpowered and gets to hang with the legendary characters and save their bacon repeatedly. Mary Sue from the word “Go”! I really like Clone Wars but it’s getting the point where I dread her appearances almost as much as Jar Jar Binks. Dear God, if Lucas has to digitally remove things from his movies, please, please, please can he make Jar Jar Binks go away forever?!!!

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