Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Fear Itself: The Fearless #1 that arrives in stores in October.

FEAR ITSELF: THE FEARLESS #1 (of 12) (AUG110582)
The hunt is on! Mystical hammers lay strewn across the entire Marvel Universe and in Fear Itself: The Fearless #1 from the blockbuster creative team of Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn, Chris Yost, Mark Bagley & Paul Pelletier, Valkyrie is off to find them! Her mission is simple – find these weapons of mass destruction no matter what the cost, and no matter who stands in her way…even Captain America & the Avengers! Except while Valkyrie is trying to save the world, Sin is looking to burn it to the ground.

The issue hits stores on October 19, 2011.

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  1. The “Armor Wars”…with Hammers. And instead of Tony Stark and Captain America it’s Valkyire and Captain America. It’s an interesting way to bring Valkyire front and center since Thor’s out but despite the events of “Fear Itself” I just can’t see Steve Rogers thinking “Those hammers will be safer in secured areas that super-villians have broken into about a zillion times rather than being locked up in another dimension full of super-warriors.” Of course, Steve’s got a reason to be pissed at everything Asgardian right now since it resulted in the second “death” of his partner and successor, the destruction of the center of government for the nation he represents and a lot of crap spread over an “event” that doesn’t seem to want to end. However, I would have been a bit pissed at Val for her “Of course, you’re Captain America. You never change your mind.” Where was “And you’re an Asgardian so you’re always an idiot!”

    I may very well be wrong but I don’t see where the plot that Val goes “rogue” and goes after all the hammers conveniently hidden in the headquarters of various teams (Utopia so that she can fight the X-men, the Baxter Building for the FF, probably the Shield Helicarrier, etc…) while racing the gal with the really bad complextion but huge boobs would hold interest for 12 months. Not only that but the “lag time” between the 12 issue arc and the progress of the Marvel U will continue to make this “event” as disjointed as it already is.

    I do like the art in the teasers and Crossbones in a tuxedo was pretty funny. I still don’t get Val and Thor’s words being lettered different than everyone else’s. I guess it’s hard to put a thick Asgardian accident into words.

    The analogy of the clean-up of 9/11 and the government’s handling of the “weapons” (terrorist) as opposed to sending them back to the custody of their “creators” could possibly be here but maybe I’m looking at this too closely for that. I just can’t see taking the time for this series away from the other titles that I’m interested in right now.

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