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Marvel is proud to announce that, superstar artist Daniel Acuña will be the new ongoing artist of Avengers! Beginning with Avengers #18, Acuña joins Marvel Architect Brian Michael Bendis  and pits the world’s premiere super hero team against their biggest threat yet! Following the events of Fear Itself, the Avengers must regroup, and rebuild – including looking for new members as Norman Osborn pulls together a fresh batch of Dark Avengers.

“Every time Daniel and I have worked together it has been a really fantastic experience and everyone loved it,” said Bendis. “The only thing we have never done  before is hunker down and make a real run of things together. So here we go!”

Fans of both Acuña and Bendis cannot miss what the two have in store for the Avengers!

“As an artist and as a professional, I am extremely happy to be working with Brian again,” said Acuña. “And come on, drawing the Avengers? They RULE! Aside from being the best, most charismatic team in comics – they always fight the biggest, meanest, and most powerful villains. All that, plus Captain America leading the team… what more can I ask for?!”

With a new roster on the horizon, who will Captain America call to join Earth’s Mightiest? And can their combined might be enough to topple Norman’s latest rise to power? Find out next month in Avengers #18!

AVENGERS #18 (AUG110605)
Pencils & Cover by DANIEL ACUÑA
FOC – 9/26/11 ON SALE – 10/19/11

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  1. Finally some respectable artist on this book. Always wanted to read this series by awesome writer Bendis but ugly romita jr art got in the way.

  2. Normally I defend Romita, but I totally agree that his art in avengers has been horrible. It’s reeks of being rushed. God forbid a character that Romita draws is even 2 feet into the background of a panel because all your gonna get is some crappy 4 second sketch. And the backgrounds look like there taken from the jackie chan adventures animated series (where backgrounds were seriously just colored blocks with windows). It’s hard for me to care about the significance of the story when it’s so obvious that the artist could care less about making their artwork the best it can be. Romita is just going through the motions…

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