Marvel sent teaser images and a few images from the upcoming Fear Itself #7 that arrives October 19, 2011.

FEAR ITSELF #7 (AUG110568)
Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN
THIS IS IT! This year’s blockbuster comics event from Marvel Architects Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen, comes to its cataclysmic finale in Fear Itself #7! Left defenseless and on their own, Earth’s Mightiest must dig deep for one last assault on the Serpent, and the Worthy! Luckily, from the depths of Asgard, Iron Man returns with a last-chance arsenal that will transform the Avengers into the Mighty! Earth’s last hope has arrived – but not everyone will make it out alive. Catch the action packed,  double-sized conclusion of Fear Itself this October – filled with extras that no fan can miss!

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  1. The Variant cover does not look good at all.
    Same with Wolverine’s “Mighty” garb.
    I was really impressed with the start of this series but feel some serious doubts about the conclusion.

  2. I’d probably get this last issue just to see Captain America in “Punisher” mode. However, since we now know that Valkyre and Sin go at it in a 12 issues series that the only real “reveal” in this is the Serpent/Thor face-off.

  3. Come on. How can you not love the idea of 7 of Marvel’s coolest characters with Odin powered weapons? Ridiculous yes, but they wont be permanent. I think its super cool….

  4. Cleary, after beating the Worthy, the Serpent will beat Thor, so the Mighty have to fight the Serpent and then they’ll have to combine their weapons to make MechaThor.

    • ditto. It feels like longer than it’s probably been that i’ve been hearing about this event, from the build up, to the event, to another one that sounds like more of the same for another year or so?? Ugh. What’s sad is that Marvel used to be my favorite, but all these ‘nothing will ever be the same!!’ events are driving me away. :P

  5. I have a bad feeling that were not going to get anything of a conclusion by the end of issue 7. I feel like there may be a 2 to 3 page fight which will be halted followed by a “to be continued in Fear Itself: THE FEARLESS”. I normally like marvel comics events, even at the proximity we get them year to year. What’s been making me so mad about fear itself is marvel essentially forcing me to read the tie in’s to get the full story. And even that wouldn’t be such a problem but the continuity from the tie in’s to the main title is all over the place. I’m finding it hard placing when things happen in relation to the main story line.

    I think it was smart for marvel to release the last issue post the new york comic con because I feel like there is going to be a massive negative reaction to not only fear itself but events in general across all of marvel’s panels. The negative reaction would have been compounded if the series had ended with a non conclusive ending and a meaning major character death.

    • They’ve done that too many times in recent history for it to work. I don’t think that the typical Marvel reboot will have the effect that it needs to have.

      In the end, I think more readers will be calling for a DC New 52-esque reboot which Marvel now can’t do because it’ll just make them look bad.

      There have been a lot of really great ideas out of the Marvel camp but too many of them have suffered from poor follow-through or poor-execution.

      I fear that the days of the Make Mine Marvel mentality are coming to an end…

      • In the end, I think more readers will be calling for a DC New 52-esque reboot which Marvel now can’t do because it’ll just make them look bad.

        Not only that, it won’t make near as much sense in Marvel’s “We’re more realistic!” status, either.

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