Wizards of the Coast has officially unveiled Planeswalker Points, a new rating system for players participating in Magic: The Gathering Organized Play events. Designed to let all players – casual, competitive or pro – track and show off how much they play – and win! – in Magic events, Planeswalker Points is designed to be a more meaningful experience for players and replaces a single ranking system for all players.

What Is Planeswalker Points?

Planeswalker Points is a replacement for the system previously used by Wizards to rate and rank Magic players’ participation in sanctioned Organized Play events. It’s a point accumulation system built on a simple premise: Playing is good; winning is even better.

At its most basic, Planeswalker Points rewards players for playing in sanctioned events (with larger and/or more competitive events awarding more points) and for winning matches (with 3 points for each win, 1 for each draw, and zero for each loss). You can’t lose points for losing matches and you don’t have to “spend” them to get the perks of a high rating, so your lifetime total never goes down*.

Planeswalker Points tracks your points in various ways, including a Lifetime total that allows you to level up and gain ranks in an advancement system. There are also different totals, like the Competitive total and Friday Night Magic total, which are used to invite players to exclusive events and offer other rewards.

Finally, Planeswalker Points is retroactive. If you already have a DCI number and have participated in OP events, you already have lifetime points since we have applied the Planeswalker Points system to all the matches in which you have already played. In addition, you already have a level in the advancement system!

How Planeswalker Points Works
Your Planeswalker Points are tracked in several different ways.

Your Lifetime total records all the points you’ve ever earned, and is used to calculate your Planeswalker Points level.

Your Competitive total counts points from competitive events in the current competitive season.

Your Friday Night Magic Total counts points from Friday Night Magic Events.

Lastly, your Professional total adds together the points you’ve earned at major events. These totals will be used to award invitations and byes to different kinds of events.

Casual Events
Casual events award players only for participation, not for match results. You are awarded a fixed number of points, at least 1 point for each event. Attending sanctioned casual events—or asking your store to sanction the casual games you’re already playing—is a great way to build up your Lifetime total. There’s no reason not to get your event sanctioned, even if it’s just you and your buddies hanging around your local store playing Commander. Points from casual events count toward your Lifetime total exclusively.

Competitive Events
In competitive events (all events that are not casual), the number of Planeswalker Points you earn depends on the number of people in the event, your match record, and type of event (FNM, Pro Tour Qualifier, World Championship, etc).Points from competitive events count toward your Lifetime total and toward your Competitive total for the current Competitive Season. Depending on the type of event, points from competitive events may also count toward your Friday Night Magic total or your Professional total.

Participation Points
Competitive events award participation points based on the total number of players. The more players facing off—or, to look at it a different way, the more friends you bring—the more points everyone gets for playing. You get participation points even if you don’t win a single match. All you have to do is play!

Match Record
In competitive events, you earn 3 points for each match win, 1 point for each draw, and zero points for each loss.

Event Multiplier
Your participation points and match record points for each competitive event are added together, and then multiplied by an event multiplier determined by the type of event. For example, Friday Night Magic has a multiplier of 3x, while a Grand Prix has a multiplier of 8x. You can find more information about participation points and event multipliers on the Planeswalker Points information page.

Leveling Up
As your Lifetime total increases, you’ll earn levels in the Planeswalker Points system.
Here are the levels, and the points you need to get to them:

via Wizards of the Coast


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  1. I personally think this is awsome. Before this change I didn’t go to type 2 tornaments because i didn’t have all the nessesary cards to play standard and I would have lost rating of scrubbing out 1-4. Now i have all the more reason to play and it’s awsome. If you intrested I’m a level 15 Task Mage.

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