ART APPRECIATION MOMENT OF THE DAY: David Finch covers Birds of Prey #4


There is a “shocking revelation” that is “going to upset the status quo all over again” in an upcoming issue of Birds of Prey.  It features a special guest appearance by Batgirl – BATGIRL!?

“One of my favorite thrillers is Ira Levin’s A KISS BEFORE DYING, because right in the middle of the novel…well, the cliche phrase would be, ‘Levin pulls the rug right out from under you,’ but that doesn’t do his legendary plot twist justice,” said writer Duane Swierczynski. “Forget the rug being pulled out from under you… when you reach that point in KISS, it’s as if someone’s rolled up that rug and proceeded to use it to beat the living crap out of you. That’s what I’m shooting for with this first arc of BIRDS OF PREY. I won’t tell you where it is (other than somewhere in issue #4) But If I’m doing my job, you’ll be relaxing, enjoying your comic, and then…”

Gail, did you know anything about this?

@GailSimone: Am I angry right now, why yes, yes I am, thank you!

Well, well, well… looks like things are getting interesting inside the walls of DC.  For now, check out the cover to Birds of Prey #4 by David Finch.

Birds of Prey #4 hits stores on December 21, 2011.