It’s been nearly a full week since DC unleashed their first full offering of the DCnU.  We’ve covered all the books so far, and you know what we think, but now it is time for you to make your voice heard…AGAIN!

What did you think of the first full week of The DC New 52?

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to get any yet. No nearby comic shops and no means to order anything online. Unless someone has extras to mail me or some cash falls out of the sky, I’ll not get to grab any until end of this month or early next when I go see my specialist doctors (there is a comic shop in the same town they are in).

  2. I got 7 or 8 DCnU titles in my pull list. I dare say that they were all good, or at least intriguing.

    I loved Rags Morales on Action, and the Detective story was intriguing enough to have me asking for more (although…is it just me or is it kinda bloody with the cut-off face???…I’m not avert to blood (I read Invincible and The Boys after all), but in a DC title??)…

    So Mokin is having fun so far…

  3. I didn’t like JLI but I liked JLA. I didn’t like Detective, so all and all it’s a mixed bag so far. This is still good as far as I am concerned.

  4. I am about half/half, I think the books worth reading so far of what I’ve read are JLA, Detective Comics, Batgirl, Animal Man, Batwing and Men of War… all of them to me have really good stories… looking forward to seeing the rest of the releases to sort out the good and bad.

  5. I think I’m half-and-half so far.
    I wasn’t overly impressed with JLA or Action comics
    I’m cautiously optimistic with Static Shock
    Animal Man was a successful outing in my opinion.

    Looking forward to week 2!

  6. I liked Action (a lot more than I thought I was going to from the descriptions), I liked JLA. Batwing was mixed for me. I liked parts of it a lot, but the piles of bodies are just not what I want to read. Batgirl good. JLI fun. The others I didn’t pick up based on their descriptions. I may thumb through a copy at some point on some of the others and change my mind.

  7. As individual issues I think they’re doing o.k. (Animal Man and Batwing were very good, Hawk & Dove and Stormwatch were not). My problem is in the Universe building this relaunch should be doing. It’s very confusing JLA is 5 yrs ago, Action sometime before that. Who knows when Detective takes place, the cops are still after Batman but Gordon has a Bat-signal? Three yrs ago (2 after JLA) Babs gets shot by the Joker and at some point (according to Swamp Thing) Superman dies and comes back. Just seems like a bit of a clustersmuck.

    • I agree. I recently got back into reading comics, but in the past I’ve mostly read Marvel and Image works, with the occasionally Batman or Superman book splashed in. Decided to get on board with the relaunches, and so far I’ve been liking each individual book, but the continuity and how they all fit together has me extremely confused.

      Was hoping for a little cleaner start, but all in all I’m still on board and will probably pick up a good amount of the #1s and will stay on board for at least a few issues of many of the books.

  8. I think it is mixed. Action Comics was pretty good. I liked how superman isn’t all powerful yet, but is growing. I do think he is a bit too brash. Holding Glenmorgan over an edge of a building and then dropping him seems a bit out of character for superman.

    • I agree, it is out of character for Superman recently. (and by recently I mean since the 1950’s at least.) But dig up a copy of Action Comics #1 (the first one). It’s fairly easy to find online. And you will find Superman holding a guy named Alex Greer up over the capitol building to get him to admit that a Senator is corrupt.
      That’s the fun of having a character with so much history. Just about everything has been in character at some point.

  9. Hit and miss, mostly hit thou. Out of all the comics I expected something good out of, the only one that I’m on the fence is Detective Comics, the face-off moment was too much for me.

  10. Well, as a total newcomer to the DCU, I found it ok. Some titles I liked, some I did not. I’m not that big a fan of the “in media res” approach for almost all the titles, though.
    As a new reader, I have to say that I found the pall of continuity a bit heavy, though. My impression of the relaunch was that we’d get an almost Ultimate Comics level of fresh start, but no cigar.

  11. The Great NateO on

    They are not all 5 Levels of Greatness, but I have been enjoying this reboot. Not a bad time to get back in to reading comics!

  12. I would’ve preferred to have all of the relaunch titles focus on building up the universe at first and establishing continuity, but I’m not averse to the way they launched us into everything. I enjoyed all the first week’s titles, and am looking forward to continuing on with most of them! (Though my wallet, not so much)

  13. My problem is having to tie-in Batman or Bat-history into All-Star Western. Dragging this drivel onto Jonah Hex is not unlike the Jonah Hex movie where they decided to make Jonah able to communicate with the dead by touching them. Also having El Diablo fighting zombies, hummm plot overuse(As much as I tire of the vampires, werewolves, and now add to that list zombies), is doing nothing great for the character. Other Characters BatLash, Scalphunter, and other western heroes again left in the dust… As far as my opinion I’ll let Jonah Hex end with issue 70 in the prior series. DC will not see any of my money for a considerable amount of time……

  14. In the first week I only read Swamp Thing, but it was enjoyable enough. So this Wednesday may be great or terrible, but I’m optimistic.

  15. DC sealed my buying comics for a while with this reboot when they called it not a reboot. So I am rebooting my money and doing other things. If I do anything it will be trades. No more individual issues. Screw DC and dodo bird.

  16. Unfortunately I am waiting for my first paycheck of the school year so that I can buy them. On the plus side I have them reserved.

  17. Mixed. I picked up 3 of them. Detective comics, Justice League and following my comic book store guy recommendation, Green Arrow. I did not like Detective comics. 50-50 on Justice League and absolutely loved Green Arrow. By the way, just say that DC might be on something with this reboot/relaunch because those where the first superhero comics I was buying in years. And I’m on board for at least a couple more issues of Green Arrow and Justice League.

  18. Overall, this was a week of good comics if judged against a typical week of comics from DC… the creators have certainly upped their game. However, compared to the standard of a relaunch, with heightened expectations and the challenge of justifying itself, the results are more mixed. In short, better than usual but not relaunch worthy across the board.

  19. Maybe it’s just because I’m fairly new to comics, but all that ‘we’ve seen it all before’ stuff is new to me, and I really liked everything I’ve read so far.

  20. I don’t like that DC so quickly went against “holding the line at $2.99”. Yeah, it’s for first issues. Woot.

    From what I’ve seen, read, and heard, the bad (Liefield’s art on Hawk and Dove and their masks changing panel to panel just sticks out in my mind as lazy editing) is really bad while the good (Action Comics despite Superman going into action looking like Lil Abner just mystifies me (so the story and art are good while the design work is bad I guess) as a for instance) really doesn’t offset it enough for me.

    • All the standard sized new #1’s are still $2.99, per their “holding the line at $2.99” policy. The $3.99 #1’s you’re probably referring to all are oversized issues. So far at least, their pricing model hasn’t changed with the move to the DCnU.

      • I admit it: I was wrong. There ARE books coming out that are $2.99.

        Speaking of one of those $2.99 books, I read Legion Lost last night. Aside from one plot development towards the end of the issue I didn’t like (no spoilers) I thought it was really good. The art’s good and the writing was very effective at getting the reader (or me at least) to feel like they’ve just been dumped into a situation with the characters on the run from the get-go. 4 out of 5.

  21. Loved Action Comics and Justice League. Not so much JLI, which is disappointing because I was looking forward to it the most, but I’m going to give it a second chance when issue #2 shows up.

    My one major complaint at this point concerns timing of releases (and this might just be my OCD kicking in): You are a major publisher, rebooting continuity and title numbering in order to draw in new readers. You are starting at the ground floor introducing titles, characters, and events. Would it have been too much to ask that Stormwatch #1 be released AFTER Superman #1 since it references events in that book? I understand that sometimes publishing and printing schedules can cause these kinds of conflicts when you are printing multiple titles in an overarcing continuity, but we’re talking about Issue #1 here.

    We taking it on faith that JL and Action occur in the past, but referenceces to things we haven’t read in those titles will pop up in the rest of the books because of the time differences involved. However, when talking about books that all take place in the “nowish,” readers shouldn’t be teased with events that “already happened” but won’t be published for 2 more weeks in the first week of the changeover. Just release Superman #1 before Stormwatch #1.

  22. so far I only read justice league, justice league international and action comics and I enjoyed all 3. JLI was the weakest book of these three (but still a good read)

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