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They are highly trained. Their missions are classified. They are our best and last hope. And they do not exist. Follow SEAL Team Six as they train, hunt and fight an enemy who reaches out from the most remote corners of the world to murder and maim. These highly-trained, military men are the unknown heroes who endure unimaginable hardship and murderous combat to protect our homeland.

In SEAL Team Six: The Novel, a mass shooting at a California big box store begins a new round of murder from an unknown source. America is suffering a virus of homegrown terror as one-man cells are inspired by a new kind of terrorist who speaks to them through websites, tweets and emails. These lone wolves get their orders and directions on how to carry them out from a man known only as Young El. His identity and face aren’t known. Counter-intelligence agencies in the West have only the voice on his podcasts to identify him. The super-secret group often known as SEAL Team Six is the point of the spear to find, and eliminate, this new source of murder and suffering. Their hunt takes them from their base in the USA to a deadly labyrinth in the Phillipines and, finally, a terror stronghold deep in the jungles of Borneo . You’ll train with these men, fight alongside them and share their danger and losses. America ‘s gunfighters take the battle to the home turf of terror no matter where on the planet it hides.

“This is straight up, unapologetic military action set against the fast-changing background of the war on terror,” says SEAL Team Six writer Chuck Dixon. “There’s no mercy and no rules as the world’s toughest warriors face the world’s most murderous outlaws. If you’re tired of heroes who pull their punches and question their own motives and missions this one’s for you. These are true American super-heroes fighting in the worst places in the world to ensure our safety.”

“Seal Team Six: The Novel is the first title from Dynamite Entertainment’s digital prose line and I believe readers will enjoy it and the other titles to follow.  A compelling story with our reader friendly .99 cent cover price is a winning combination” said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamite Entertainment.

S EAL Team Six: The Novel is available for .99 cents, for over 160 pages of story, on the Kindle through and will be available on all other digital platforms.

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New York Times Best-Selling Author Chuck Dixon is considered one of the most prolific comic book writers in the history of the medium, is perhaps best known for his decade-long run on multiple Batman titles for DC Comics. He has also contributed to Marvel Comics and is the co-author of the Robert Jordan New Spring and Wheel of Time Graphic Novels, as well as work for dozens of other companies. He is the co-creator (along with Graham Nolan) of the Batman villain Bane and currently writes two GI Joe comics for IDW.

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  1. Sounds awesome. You can’t beat 99c. Only available digitally? Easy to get? 160 pages for 99c.

    Dynamite is miles ahead of DC and Marvel for distribution. I hope to see comics like this. So bad.

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