ME WANT: Nike Air Mags are real – you probably won’t get one


So Nike did make the big announcement that it has indeed made identical replicas to the Back to the Future shoes Michael J. Fox wears when he visits the future. The Nike Air Mags look stunning, but the chances of you actually getting one is slim.

Nike announced that 1500 pairs of this shoe will be auctioned on eBay,, with all net proceeds going directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The auction will begin tonight and end on September 18 (150 pairs will be posted on eBay per day for 10 days).

Since Michael J. Fox is scheduled to be on Latenight with David Letterman tonight, expect the eBay to be flooded with people trying to get their hands on a pair, and expect the price to be in the four digit range. I’m kind of disappointed by this announcement. Sure, money going to Fox’s charity foundation is a good thing, but I was really hoping to get my feet into a pair.

There is one glimmer of hope BTTF fans. Nike going this far to make 1,500 shoes for charity seems a little too good. Remember, Marty traveled to 2015, so we may see these shoes for general purpose in the near future.