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    • No, it’s the “Let’s make Wolverine look better by putting former villains and weapons on his team”. Next their going to make Scott kill a puppy “to save mutantkind”. ;p

  1. I’ve noticed a distinction between “X-Men” Psylocke and “X-Force” Psylocke. The katanas, pervs. “X-Men” Psylocke is charging her blade with energy while “X-Force” Psylocke katanas are made of energy. So my conclusion is that there are now TWO Psylocke!

    This is the part where Rodrigo loses it. ;p

    • I had be thinking long and hard (get your mind outta the gutter) about Psylocke being on both X-Men (Blue) and X-Force (Gold)…

      However… with you saying that the blades a different… spark my thought process to thinking that they might not be the same person at all…

      Psylocke in X-Men (Blue) is clearly Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock

      However, could the Psylocke in X-Force (Gold) be Revanche aka Kwannon (I know that she was killed off in X-Men Vol 2 #31) however… it is not unlike Marvel to resurrects a character…

      and a key factor is what you said… Betsy uses real katannas in fused with her Psi… Oppose to Kwannon which uses Psi-Energy katannas

      Just a thought…

        • I’m wondering if it’s the same Psylocke, but she’s ‘infiltrated’ one of the sides at the behest of the other… I mean, who else do you call on when you need somebody to play both sides, other than A FREAKING PSYCHIC NINJA? ^_^

  2. Magneto on a team with two powerful metal allies. Hmm.

    Magik is on the main team and title though. That’s all that matters to me.

      • I don’t regularly endorse violence against comic-book women, but in this case I’m willing to chip in on a refrigerator for Magik… Slappy, I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who doesn’t believe in … That’s too corny, I’ll just stop now.

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