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Celestial Crusade

This episode: The team arrives in The Gulag Magnificent, and they get the grand tour as only the inhabitants of The Gulag Magnificent can.


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  1. Oh man, giving away a temple of the Raven Queen can definitely come back and ruin your day. Quite curious to see what this tournament Ket is participating in. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a stronger reaction to the scenery from the Gulag. Why is everything so brassy anyways? i see a lot of brass in steampunky settings but that’s clearly not what Rodrigo’s going for here.

    Rodrigo mentioned tweeting something to Ket during play. Is there a chance the could be reproduced here?

  2. Gee, I don’t want to rub Rodrigo’s knob (hem!) more than what he usually receives here, but what I expected when the plot began to be clearer was lot of repetition. I mean, visiting 5 different cities of the dark council gods and find 5 different mcguffins! And so far I’m amazed by the variety of experiences!

    Kuddos man, and btw I stole your facyflaps for my game!

  3. Wonderful world building by Rodrigo’s part, seriously, is it weird that i want to join Asmodeus :D?
    More compliments to him because he’s able to raise tension even more getting closer to the end. This trick with Ket is just one more example of his skill.
    I think we never saw Torq so angry against a party member, and he’s scaaaaaryyy…
    I’m gearing up for my own D&D 4e game thanks to you, you’re a great inspiration. I wonder if i’ll be able to do a fine work like you.
    By the way, more twitter interaction please :P that was great!

  4. On the one question at the end of the show
    Me and my buds on the internet use Game Table combined with Skype, Game table if far better then wizards one and can do every thing necessary for DND Best of all its free

  5. I can’t find that particular entry in Rodrigo’s twitters but that’s okay. I think Ket should do what he was trying to set Torq up for with Tiamat and sign himself an infernal pact with Asmodeus.

  6. Daaamn, finally reached the latest episonde and now I really have to wait until the next one is published? Scandalous!

    I wonder what the mechanical effects of Ket changing his patron would be. Would he get different powers? Or is this “just” a flavor thing?

    Also I feel like Ket is getting a lot of spotlight here. Not that I personally mind, I find it exciting, but I would not do that in my own game – would be afraid that the other players may either get bored or envious of the “preferred” player. You guys don’t seem to be bothered though.

  7. Cool episode, the tour guide really seemed sad about the fact no one was impressed about the city, he really wanted them to ask for more info. Can’t wait for Torq to start nailing Ket’s cape to the floor or something so he doesn’t dissapear.

  8. Oh the coment how do you roll. iv actual had a player who culd not understand the consept of roll a D20 add it to your hit mod tell me the total and ill tell you if its a hit or miss. So ever round of combat ment the three of us who understand whould then talk him through how to do the same thing again. This after abought the 3rd session i finaly scraped the campain and have not mentind DnD to him so that i dont have my head explod. Also i dident jest grab him and say here your playing this game i sead hey ya interested; heres the PHB 1&2 take the time and read them. 4 weeks later they created caricters and we had are first session that i though this must be what hells like.

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