For those of you out there who feel there’s not enough David Bowie-themed children’s literature you can pick up “Space Oddity” an illustrated book based on the lyrics of the song of the same name.

Take the jump for some images from the book.

Although the illustrator calls it a children’s book I’d argue that the grim and ambiguous ending might make it a little confusing for your little tikes.

Visit Andrew Kolb’s Site for more on the book.

Via Joel Moroney


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  1. Um, as much as I love Davey, I don’t think that there is any time soon when I will be reading a bedtime story to a child that ends with the hero drifting off to his death in the cold vacuum of space!

    Maybe if someone did a children’s book on “Major Tom (Coming Home)”, but this? What’s next, a pop-up book based on “Cracked Actor”?

    • Ha! Love the pop-up book idea. Or perhaps something rather more ’90s, like his Outside concept album.

      “You and your little ones will love joining in with these fourteen specially re-recorded Sing-Along Songs about the Ritual Art-Murder of Baby Grace Blue! Only you can solve the clues of the non-linear Gothic Drama Hyper-Cycle and catch that mean old Minotaur!

      Available now as download, CD or horrid cassette.”

  2. I was a teenaged DJ when that song came out, and it left a hole in my soul to this day!
    Not a child’s song… unless they are Alice, Ozzy, or Zappa!

  3. This is really gorgeous. I’m pretty sure that my modern love of Bowie stems from Mum always turning this song up whenever it came on the radio when I was a nipper. Still love it now.

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