When we started the Major Spoilers New Frontier Absolute Edition Contest, we hoped that people would get out there and really go to town getting pictures of themselves with business and famous people holding the Major Spoilers poster.  Kevin decided to head to Fan Expo in Toronto this past weekend, and added eight more entries to the contest.


Michael Cho -Bought an awesome Darkseid sketch from him.

J Bone – Bought some sweet DC Super Friends back issues as well as a wicked Superman print

Cameron Steward, nice enough to sign an issue of Batman and Robin he did.

Fernando Ruiz, talked a bit about his Archie work.

Peter Repovski, he has some pretty sweet work from his time on the Superman & Batman series in the 90’s, bought a print for my son.

Tarol Hunt, he’s the creator of the Goblins webcomic, I wasn’t sure if he’d count.

Francis Manapul – signed a print for me and quickly drew a Kid Flash drawing that’ll be going up in my nerd room.  Mentioned that the relaunched flash will have much more action

Jeff Cahn – He’s a writer for Image and was passionately selling the first four issues of his book Red Spike (signed), for $9.00 I couldn’t say no.

Congrats on getting out there and meeting with creators, Kevin, and good luck on the contest!

For the rest of you, there’s still time! Read the rules, and get your entries in before the end of the day on August 31, 2011.



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  1. J Bone was possibly the coolest guy I met on Saturday, very personable, had a bunch of awesome stuff for sale, and personalized a print for my son. All around awesome dude.

    Francis Manapul was also very cool, it’s amazing how fast he whipped together sketches, I saw him do a pretty cool Superboy / Krypto sketch, and the Kid Flash he created for my son blew me away.

    The dude from Goblins was cool as well.

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