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In this issue: Matthew, Rodrigo and Stephen answer listener mail.


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  1. The Great NateO on

    WOW, one of the most informative shows yet about the cast, and darn funny too. Nothing better on a Saturday morning doing the laundry and having a vision of Steven on a large rubber ball in tight shorts with his legs open, bouncing up and down. You are a brave man Rodrigo. I think I need to take another shower. Now on to Critical Hit. :)

  2. Definitely one of my favourite MSP issues of the last months. I just love when you guys talk about yourself and your life.
    I always tought that Rodrigo didn’t enjoy the intro bit, but now everything is clear : )

  3. Regarding the use of superhero names for your offspring: While it’s fine and dandy to stick a name of your choosing on your kids, you should also remember that this is someone’s life that you’re going to be screwing with and that kids in general can be cruel bastards (especially in the grade school years.)
    Example: At one point my (now ex-)wife and I were kicking around potential kids’ names. She popped up with “Duncan” as a boy’s name, which was fine and dandy with me (because I’m a huge Highlander geek), but then the realization hit me that we couldn’t use that unless we wanted the kid to get into tons of scraps and I shot it down. Reason? My last name is quite often mispronounced with a long I, sounding like “Hines”.

    • Funny, I count myself informed on a lot of things, but I had to look up online what Duncan Hines was, it sounded familiar but I wasn’t positive. I’m 28, I think kids probably wouldn’t have gotten that reference though.

  4. For my second son, I did work in a comic book name, we named him Greyson. Obviously due in part to Dick Grayson and also from Robert (Bob) Grayson (The Uranian/The Defender/Marvel Boy/Blue Marvel). And well, if I want to go this route, his middle name is Alexander. So I can claim Lex in there from Lex Luthor too. So there’s Greyson Alexander. The first born’s name is Declan which I usually relate to either Declán of Ardmore the Irish Saint who brought Christianity to Ireland before Saint Patrick or Elvis Costello’s original name. You know, either/or. In all actuality we heard the name Declan on the ABC Family show Kyle XY and it stuck with us.

    I tried to think of comic names when we were naming the kids, but like a lot of people, I was worried about not choosing a name that was going to get my kid beat up for, so I tried going a bit obscure or not super obvious. Yes, like here’s little Ronan the Accuser Kirtley. What? Oh yes, “the Accuser” is his middle name.

  5. Okay, I apologize if this is mean, but… Who asks the hosts of a comicbook-related podcast for their advice on the morality of premarital sex?!?! Dear major spoilers, my car is making a noise like this: r ruh r ruh r r wheeee wheeee r r ruh r wheeee. What should I do? If MSP is the best you’ve got for moral advice on personal problems, you need to move away from where you are immediately.

    • Who asks the hosts of a comicbook-related podcast for their advice on the morality of premarital sex?!?!

      Heh… I figured it was someone who wanted to put us on the spot and possibly try to embarass us with an off-topic question. Either that, or someone who actually DIDN’T have any other moral advice. Either way, the question deserved some sort of answer.

    • Dear major spoilers, my car is making a noise like this: r ruh r ruh r r wheeee wheeee r r ruh r wheeee.

      Also, either your starter is bad, or the flywheel is missing some teeth. If it’s the first, replace the starter. If it’s the second, replace the car. :)

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