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Celestial Crusade

This episode: An epic battle concludes! Will the heroes get their hands on a rib, or will they be sent packing with one less item needed to concur the evil Void Gods?


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  1. I think this is the first episode I’ve been disappointed by.

    Don’t get me wrong- I love the show. I’ll continue to love the show. In that quiet, desperate way that happens at 12:03 Friday night when the lights go out and the soft, sensual glow of the power indicator on my speakers fills the room with inescapable bliss. Don’t mistake this for a “you guys suck!” or a “UNSUBSCRIBED!!!” tirade.

    I’m not sure exactly what was offputting about the episode, to be honest. Maybe it was too much banter (which I usually love), not enough Roleplay (which, admittedly, there was only a little bit of), maybe it was just a self-fulfilling prophecy stemming from the fact that I knew there was going to be EVEN MORE COMBAT at the start of the episode (most of the time, the combat episodes don’t do much for me other than the side banter, cool in-character descriptions and hearing what Brian and Matthew rolled. Actually, Matthew’s turns are always fun to listen to). I can’t point to any one specific thing, there was just an overall “meeh” feeling about the episode when I had finished it.

    One huge compliment I have, though, is the way the combat ended. A lot of people talk about alternate ways of ending combat, but it’s extremely rare to actually see it done. That Ma and Pa did not simply fight to the death like mindless Player-Beating-Sticks was very gratifying. Well done, Rodrigo, you’ve done a thing that is, in my experience, rare.

    Anyway, sorry to be a downer. I’d like to be more constructive in my criticism, but I just don’t know what to say. Ask away, I suppose :-/

    Still a loyal listener, though. Be well out there, you five.

    • One more thing: did you have fun playing the game?

      If yes, ignore all of the above. The only way to lose an RPG is to not have fun.

    • The show has had natual ups and downs and I really, really don’t find the latest episodes to be on a down slope. Theres allways a little “how do we wrap this up” at the end of a session. And bloodthirsty Orem, secret tweet revealed and “We know Kord-We know hair! Let’s go there!” was a part of making this the end of a session that was very exiting and involving.
      Go team Orem and Randus!

    • BavarianGnomes on

      This podcast was better when heard directly after the last one, the break in the fight was jarring the first time I heard both episodes. Not all episodes suffer from the mid round pause but this one did a bit. I also liked the non-violent resolution once Pa had been KO’d.

    • What was jarring for me was the sending ritual. Having them roll the thing 2 time for no real apparent reason than the rules.

      That were 8 arcana roles that weren’t even interesting. There was no description of Randus taking his Message Mortar and firing some spell energy in the dircetion of Shalai or something like that.
      Having them descripe the ritual and how everybody helped would have been cool.

  2. It feels a bit shorter of an episode than usual, even though it runs to a beefy 80+ minute. Maybe ’cause the adventuring got cut short. I’m definitely looking forward to getting Kord’s hair though. Randus’ comments give me very Jules Vern’s Journey to the Center of the Earth type imagery!

    To address one of the questions near the end about world building and conflict, there’s a wonderful podcast about world building I’d like to direct people at. It’s called Shakespeare and Dragons, and is about world building for games and interactive media. The website for it defunct over the last year, but there are archives of it here:

  3. As always, very interesting and fun episode. This one was an Up for me so it’s all good :D. Anyway i particulary enjoyed how the encounter ended, Rodrigo played Pa and Ma well and it made sense for them to give up the fight. Can’t wait for Kord’s City, that’s going to be scarry i think :D.
    Q&A session is always interesting aswell.
    One last thing: Bloodthirsty Orem is awesome.

    • Yep. When the world finds out they don’t have to fight a horrendous monster, the island will be flooded, the Ma and Pa won’t be able to keep them away, and they’re screwed out of all that potential money.

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