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  1. Antilife = all beef patty + all beef patty + special sauce + lettuce + cheese+ pickles + onions + sesame seed + bun – exercise – lipitor…

  2. so this is definitely another earth as the New Gods were all killed off once by Starlin and again by Morrison

    because the editors at DC couldn’t coordinate to save their lives

      • Stephen, just trying to wrap my head around that one sentence has given me a headache. It’s like the past, but not really the past we know. Well some of the past we know but some of it’s changed. But not all of it. Just the parts of the past that weren’t selling as well and are horrible to make movies from. But the other books are “current” but not really current but current with some changes like Superman broods and no longer wears his underwear on the outside and Batman has been wearing a codpiece for like forever. And there were short capes and no Wally West and no Justice Society but it was pretty much the same except for the things that are different.

        Dang thing sounds like the plot for a Dr. Who arc.

          • And here I was thinking that the earthquake today was the DCU relaunch. (In all seriousness I’m about 150 miles from the epicenter and that was some SERIOUS moving! I’ve now been in the eye of a hurricane, an F-2 Tornado, a blizzard and now an earthquake. I only hope they have lighter gravity on the world my rocket ship sends me to so that I can have a towel for a cape and brood.)

          • Pantsthemonkey on

            I was still a bit confused, so I went and got our pal Doc Brown to help explain. Take it away, Doc.

            Doc Brown – “Imagine that this line represents time. Here’s the present, 1985, the future and the past. Prior to this point in time, somewhere in the past, the timeline skewed into this tangent, creating an alternate 1985. Alternate to you, me and Darkseid, but reality for everyone else.”

            Make sense?

    • Sorry, but I’ve never read a good Starro story… ^_^ (I’m biased though, because I think mind-controlling starfish aliens are kinda gross & lovecraftian, and I’m not into tentacled-or-tentacle-like things.)

    • Speaking of Starro, what ever happened to the humanoid Starro designed by J.G. Jones? Did it get washed away in the relaunch?

  3. With JLA being set in the past I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict that this will be Darkseid’s first foray into the NuDCU.

  4. Everything’s different. Past, present, and future. everything is what they tell us it is. Just go with it. You’re arguing continuity when they’re resetting everything. They keep what they want, and lose what they don’t. It’s what’s going to allow them to tell the best stories: if you don’t get all nitpicky and tie their hands with years of continuity. Don’t try to “fit it in”. Just go with it. It’s all new. It is whatever they say it is. Whatever they tell us, that’s the new status quo. Forget the past. Lets move on to some cool new stories.

      • Not exactly. What I’m saying is, if you’re going to drink the Kool-Aid, quit bitching about the flavor. You can always switch to Marvel-brand Flavor-Aid.

        • I don’t like Marvel-brand Flavor-Aid. It’s got that nasty bitter after-taste and the little sediment that doesn’t dissolve floats on the bottom of the glass.

          And the “reality” post was simply fun sarcasm as to the way that DC’s going forward with this. Truth be told, if they really didn’t care much they would have pulled a “Russo” and just said “Screw it. We’re starting all over starting now.

  5. Once upon a time there were five heroes.
    Wonder Woman
    Martian Manhunter
    Green Lantern
    Aquaman and The FLASH!
    (No Superman. No Batman.)
    They were called The Justice League of America, and they premiered in a “The Brave and the Bold” comic book.
    Starro looked kinda corny and I was five years old reading it in a barber shop.
    (I loved Martian Manhunter and Aquaman right off!)
    If the JLA are going to be re-launched… let us not forget ALL the past!!!
    Remember when they kept putting Black Canery in for Wonder Woman after the “Crisis” and it never worked.

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