Top Five Things That Tell Us We’re Living in the Future!

Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five.

This week, people movers, targeted ads, iPads, and terabytes appear on the list, but what else will make it on the Top Five list, and what will be left off?


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  1. The Great NateO on

    Here we Go!

    5. Medical Breakthroughs – Thing of the past now are treatable and/or curable now, we have a map of DNA, a human’s life expectancy is higher, we are using lasers for surgery, and full body scans that can see if you eaten a penny and so on.

    4. Look Ma No Wires – Remotes, phones, networks, tracking systems and PDA/iPods. No wires needed, just whip it out and start using it. We even have ways that you don’t even need to plug in the device to charge it, just lay it on a pad and wait.

    3. Analog to Digital – Everything is “0’s” and “1’s” now, movies, TV (cable and antenna), phone calls, music, books. Even how we record stuff now is all digital. Daddy what’s VCR, 8 Track, and record player? We are now in a true digital age. Now if I could only get “Zoltan, Hound of Dracula” and “The Sword and the Sorcerer” on Blu-ray I would be a happy boy.

    2. Commercial Space Flight – PAN-AM is no longer with us but if you have a few million dollars lying around you to can see the vacuum of space. With trips to the ISS and Virgin Galactic, soon anyone can take a trip to see John Carter.

    1. Technology is a Necessity not a Luxury – Look around, everyone needs the new toy. We talk, text, email, web surf, tweet, and Facebook. DVR shows, watch TV, Play video games, and go to the Major Spoilers web site! We are all plugged in and ready to go. This is not a bad thing if used correctly but we need it now for most of what we do, either if its working or playing. I’m OK with that. Just no Cylons Please.

    In closing I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite Sci-Fi writers Frank Herbert –

    “The Function of Science Fiction, is not always to Predict the Future, but to Prevent It.”

  2. 5. I can watch movies on my phone that works through tactile commands, remember when they were huge and had a 2 hour battery and you could only call with it?
    4. Half the stuff on Star trek is now real and they are working on making the other half as we speak.
    3. PCs are the norm, heck they’re not even a luxury anymore they are a necessity.
    2. People spend real money on virtual stuff, Second Life has actual, honest to God country embassies in it.
    1. The geeks HAVE inherited the world, if that doesn’t say “future” to you…

  3. 5. Arnold Schwarzenegger has actually been a politician. Who would’ve known that Conan, Rambo and Rocky Balboa would’ve been the head of one of the largests states?
    4. Movies can now be shot without actual set. You just need green screens and a buch of animators now.
    3. ”Real” money is almost not used anymore and you can pay your accounts through your phone.
    2. Digitalistion. Paper-less society.
    1. Home automation. You can now shut the blinds and reduce heat while you are hundreds miles away.

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