STATUES: Sideshow Collectibles announces Vampirella Premium Format Figure


When it comes to statues of popular female characters, Vampirella is sure to be one that fans will want to get their hands on.  Sideshow Collectibles has announced a premium format that stands an impressive 13-inches high on a 10-inch by 14-inch base, making this a statue that is going to take up some space on your shelf.

Born within the flaming pits of Hell, Vampirella is the heroic, raven-haired vampire whose mission in life, or perhaps undeath, is to destroy the evil vampires that roam the earth, atoning for her mother’s sins.

Cast out of Eden for her willfulness, Adam’s first wife Lilith found asylum in Hell where she mated with demons, spawning vampires who in turn sought to vengefully destroy the earthly offspring of Adam and Eve. When Lilith finally sought redemption, she gave birth to Vampirella, whom she sent to Earth to atone for her mistakes and eradicate the world of evil vampires.

With superhuman strength, speed, and ferocity, Vampirella can shapeshift into a bat and mesmerize humans with her intense stare. Unlike many of her vampire brethren, she has no weakness to daylight, holy water, garlic, or religious icons, but her greatest power

The 10 pound statue has a companion extra premium statue featuring Vampirella with her head thrown back, but that one is already sold out.

If you want to get your hands on the regular statue, you’ll need to fork over $350.00 and wait until the send quarter of 2012 for it to arrive.

via Sideshow Collectibles