Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast
Celestial Crusade

This episode: What kind of monster will the party encounter? The answer might surprise you.


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  1. Another great podcast! I was a little disappointed that you didn’t mention “Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space” in your Q&A. It’s a great rules-lite RPG with a strong sci-fi feel.

  2. Every freakin’ skill challenge, Orem comes up with some other subject he covered in school. Eladrin Magic University has a very comprehensive curriculum.

  3. BavarianGnomes on

    I’m really enjoying the adventures of Orem’s Cavity Creeps, “we make holes in teeth”.

    Little House on the Prairie’s Carroll Ingalls is … Kunoichi ( クノイチ Female Ninja-Warrior )

    I love Glaa’s new Racial ability:
    Wacky Wall Walking, At-Will move action can shift up to Move squares, vertically down a wall.

  4. The Great NateO on

    I am loving “Blood Thirsty” Orem, give them Hell Eladrin. Brian is rolling like a crazy monkey, AWESOME.

    And Yes Matthew you are the funny one!

    I cannot wait till next installment.

  5. Cool episode, bloodthirsty Orem is bas-ass, Brian rolled not only good but very good, too good even. I fear a TPK next episode or something.

  6. Rodrigo, how are you figuring he new DCs for skill challenges? I’m using a similar skill challenge format in my game and am interesed in how yours is developing.

    • depends what you mean by ‘ahead of time’.

      Do I draw a map before the characters find themselves in a particular area? not always. Sometimes I’m just like “ok the thing you are looking for is northish” and eventually enough details surface that I feel like I need a map.

      if by ‘ahead of time’ you mean before the session in which I give them a map? then yes, I don’t draw it on the spot, and I do often have multiple drafts until it looks the way I want.

      • Lately I’ve been drawing my encounter maps ahead of time and while the mat looks great it’s not always used. So I’ve been either throwing them into dungeons or areas that are generically similar to what I have already drawn. But my dilemma is when I’m forced to draw on the spot, because the rest of the drawing look so well thought out and planned and it takes away from the game when the players see plain lines and crude drawings.

        • Ohhhhhhh, encounter maps, I gotcha. I thought you meant the maps for the location the characters are in like “the astral sea”

          No, in that case invert my answer, I do it all on the fly and no one seems to complain when I say “that thing there’s a tree.”

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