Hellboy down, but not out – will take on Aztec Mummy


While Hellboy may be dead (spoiler warning), the adventures of everyone’s favorite demon will continue in Dark Horse Presents #7.  While we’ve seen the recent adventures of Hellboy, there are decades worth of adventures that haven’t been told, so a flashback tale set in 1950’s Mexico is a great way to keep the character and property alive.


In 1956, Hellboy was sent to Mexico to investigate a series of mass killings. This 8-page story recounts another hazy event during his time there, and features plenty of fodder for casual and hardcore Hellboy fans; a Mexican bat-god, an Aztec mummy, and of course, a Luchador!

“Back in 1956 Hellboy spent several months stumbling drunkenly through Mexico and this is just one of the odd things that may or may not have happened to him during that time. He claims to have no memory of this particular incident but that doesn’t mean it’s not true,” said Mike Mignola in a prepared statement.

Hellboy vs. The Aztec Mummy arrives in Dark Horse Presents #7, which arrives in stores in January 2012.

via Dark Horse Comics