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  1. Well, technically, the CTA is fine, because it clearly directs you to an easy to remember URL- read.dccomics.com

    But if you’re asking if the message is clear, then no, I don’t think so. Comics readers know about this, so this acts as little more than a reminder.

    But the fact that they’re showing in theaters sounds like they’re trying to capture a new audience- the comic book movie watchers. And for them, they give no reason to go check it out. No message that “hey, we’re rebooting so that everyone can join from square 1. Its updated and grounded in today.”

    They need a much clearer reason for the non-reader to check this out other than “it’s Superman! Batman!”

  2. Watched it, the problem is how can one put themselves in the mind of a non-comic book reader or one that just takes in the DC or Superhero movies. You’d have to ask someone that’s not into comics who has seen this commercial for that answer. The only thing that will determine the success of the “New DC” comics will be the bottom line in the amount of money that DC takes in.

  3. justanothergeek on

    Not going to atract new readers, sorry, don’t mean to be a naysayer, but I don’t see how this cold work.

  4. I respect the effort they put into trying to show, not tell.
    Putting a Dan Didio voiceover in the commercial definitely would not have worked.

    However, I believe they still missed the mark on what they are trying to achieve.

  5. I must agree with other posters; this means nothing to potential new readers.
    “52 new comics?? I can’t afford that!! And who needs 52 comics about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and some blokes in green?”
    It only has a “call-to-action” for comic readers; very poor. (Yes, I’m a marketer.)
    And what is this obsession with 52?

  6. I think I’ll quote Ruby Rod:
    “Sweetheart, what was that? IT WAS BAD! It had nothing! No fire, no energy, no nothin’! You know I have a show to run here, you know? Hmm? Hmm? And it must pop, pop, POP!

  7. That sucked. Especially leading off with Lil’ Abner Superman. Let’s face it, most “serious” comic book readers are also intardweb geeks that were talking about this thirty seconds after the first leak. That ad had nothing that would make me, if I was just Joe Public at the movies, to want to do anything. Nobody other than a collector gives a rat’s rectum if a book is a “first issue”, IMO.

  8. .. Epic fail. 1) it looks like the ads for those dumb (in my opinion) “motion comics” that The House of Marvel tried out… Spider-Woman, etc (was there an etc??). 2) I kinda don’t like the looks of those covers. The art is okay/not okay, on a case-by-case basis… My issue is with the “titleplate”. There’s a new DC logo already? And there’s just something blah about “BIG PRINT BOOK-NAME” to me. Speaking practically, I find there’s not much of a ‘call to action’ here. It’s just basically “hey! look! pictures! in sorta-3d action! DC! YEAH!” Like TheGaf says, there should be some sort of “We’re all new! Come discover the New 52!” tagline, or voiceover, or whatnot. Not just “oooo! them’s purty pitchers in thet thur newfangled technicolor!” ^_^

    • “oooo! them’s purty pitchers in thet thur newfangled technicolor!” ^_^

      I didn’t know you went to the same movie theater as my family. Gotta tell Uncle Ernest to keep it down more during the “coming attractions”. Of course, that’s not if Grandma gets kicked out again for smoking Marlboro Lights and sneaking in beer and pretzels.

  9. That was awful. If you are going to have an add that people are going to pay attention to at least have the ad long enough for people to pay attention to it. That was too short too fast and someone looks down and it is gone. Sad attempt and money that could have been better spent. DC just keep on hitting those nails into the coffin ok. You put me in it and buried me along with my desire to stay with you in monthly form. I hope Dodo reads these sights because I have never liked it since your evolution ass came onto DC. When is the Dodo bird leaving the building?

  10. I don’t read comics, but enjoy ‘comic based films’, so I suppose that makes me the target audience.
    To be perfectly honest that trailer wouldn’t make me go out and buy any of the new comics any more than it would the old ones.

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