Arcana Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the Amnesia trade paperback that arrives in November.

By (W/A) Dwayne Harris.

One of the most feared terror attack scenarios involves the detonation of a weapon that generates a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that immediately renders power circuits, computers, even automobiles useless. But what if a weapon was discharged that, in addition to all the above, also erased people’s memories? Would mankind, given a fresh start, continue on its path to self-destruction? Or would it, free of its preconceptions, usher in a new age of peace? This is the first time Amnesia GN has been listed in Previews. SC, 98pgs, FC $14.95

Dwayne Harris, the creator of Amnesia, is a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oil Painting, whose work now combines a fine art sensibility with the infinite possibilities of the digital realm. His inspiration for Amnesia came out of learning about the threat of an electron-magnetic pulse (EMP) in weaponized form. “An EMP usually results when the detonation of a nuclear weapon emanates a wave that immediately renders power circuits, computers, even automobiles useless… It occurred to me, how much more terrifying if in addition to wiping out hard drives and computer chips, such a pulse also erased people’s memories? Would the human race benefit from such a reboot, or instead suffer a crash it would never recover from?” In reasearching the plausibility of such an event, Dwayne found that “microwaves similar to the ones emitted by cell phones could cause memory loss… attributed to the cell phone’s microwave radiation causing a leakage through the blood-brain barrier.” Mixing the two together, EMP’s and the idea of a “mind bomb”, Dwayne threw in his love for Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, and “a protagonist who is just as confused as we are. I decided to start with one man, waking in a place he doesn’t recognize, next to a woman he doesn’t know… andthe story simply grew from there.”

via Arcana Comics

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Robot Overlord

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