TOYS: Mattel extends subscription deadline


Mattel has once again extended the deadline for their exclusive toy clubs.  This is the second (and last) time the company has extended the deadline in hopes of getting enough people to sign up for the toy deal.

Toy Fans,

We’ve heard your requests for more time to purchase subscriptions and want everyone to have a chance to get everything they want, so we’re extending the sale one last time. Now you’ve got until Monday August 22nd at 11:59 p.m. PT to order any of our 2012 subscriptions!

DC Universe Club Infinite Earths
The only way to get true collector 6″ characters guaranteed, plus for the first time ever, fans choose the club-exclusive figure!

Voltron® Club Lion Force
Membership ensures you get the 5 Lions you need to create a massive 23″ tall Voltron with 32 points of articulation!

Masters of the Universe® Club Eternia®
Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of MOTUC history with our year-long 30 year anniversary celebration.

Ghostbusters™ Club Ecto-1
2012 will be bigger than ever with Dana and the club-exclusive The Rookie with Taxi Cab Ghost.

All subscriptions ordered together will ship together, in any combination and quantity. But please don’t wait… this is truly the last time we’ll be extending the sale, so if you’re considering a subscription to our clubs, click here to order today!

This isn’t good news… there is a minimum number of subscribers the company needs/wants to get and the last time Mattel extended the deadline, they were only about 30-percent of the way there.   If the subscription plan doesn’t go through, I hope those of us who did fork over the initial $45 get their money back, or at least that exclusive Poison Ivy figure they were hyping at the San Diego Comic Con.

via Matty Collector