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  1. I like em. Especially on Susan! Just hope they replace the whatever they are’s with the 4 logo when they go back to being Fantastic.

  2. I’m guessing there will be more of these “Teaser” posters coming out. It makes no sense to leave the FF as is and then change the name BACK to the Fantastic Four.

  3. ~wyntermute~ on

    I also am pro-new uniforms. The white/black scheme works for my personal tastes much MUCH more than the black-and-blue-bland things. I betcha that the “change” here is that MILES MORALES is the Spider-Man in the…. Wait, what? Wrong universe? Aw nertz. Nevermind. ^_^

  4. I wonder if this is a piece of a larger image, and we’ll see the Future Foudnation here on the left, and the Fantastic Four on the right. Maybe they’ll meet. That sounds like the sort of craziness I’d expect from this run. That could be cool. I’m just tired of editorial messing up good stories to stick in stunts.

  5. Its just teasers to the 600th issue thats in November. Hickman has gone on record multiple times that Johnny Storm is dead and for a guy who plots his books, I’m taking him for his word.

    On the side note, I can’t wait to see what Yu will draw. Hickman has that morrison-like brain that gives you just crazyness in a good way…but without the ego.

  6. I really like that art. That’s one of the best renderings of Ben Grimm I have seen in a long time. The light/shadow work that give just a gleam to his eye, the hard lower jaw line, the stance. Very, very well done. Spidey’s classic “swing pose” is done just right and he’s in the picture in a way that makes him look like a part of a team instead of “I’m in this buy it”. Reed’s abilities are well-defined, as are Sue’s…um…well…assets (which are pretty good for a busy mother of two!).

    I’d rather see Ben and Peter move away from the New Avengers and stick to working with the FF only. The fact that Peter Parker now “belongs” somewhere is a storyline that should carry over to his solo titles. His absence from the previews of the FF/X-men crossover was duly noted and unusual given his relationship with both Ben and Jimmy Howlett.

    • That Ben Grimm art IS awesome.
      This is a seriously cool cover.

      I’m not sure these teasers change anything at all as to the series. Hickman’s Fantastic Four. Call it what you will, I’ma still be following it.

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