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  1. Why do this? The current FF (Future Foundation) was one of the few Marvel Comics that i was keeping up with. It remains to be seen WHO is in the “Fantastic Four” here but anyone other than the original Richards/Grimm family would be crapped on immediately. The other option would be that FF would continue to focus on the Richards kids and company but that wouldn’t make much sense either.

    This seems more like a knee jerk reaction to the DC “relaunch” rather than a planned return of the original FF. Boo freaking HISS.

    • This. I never liked most Fantastic Four comics but the Future Foundation stuff actually really sucked me in and I’ve been a huge fan of it. If they do intend to revert to the old FF I’m dropping it from my pull list.

  2. Too soon, if they are planning to revive Johnny…I have basically given up on comics anyway. Just read the occasional trade, and even that is becoming rare. Might start buying e-comics – I got the Planetary compendium when it was on sale, but haven’t actually bought any single issues.

  3. With day and date, I expect the local comic shop to close any ways. Solves the problem on whether to buy or not.

  4. (In the words of Peter Griffin) DONE.
    DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON’T care. I’m out. Marvel, you just get less and less intersting all the time, whereas DC has me riveted to every new bit of news (at least until September, anyway) I’ll keep buying ASM, but if Slott starts to waiver, I’ll ditch that too. I guess I’ll still be buying the Oz books, but that doesn’t count!

    It seems to me, that I’m as excited for DC’s books as I am for Marvel’s movies. Marvel has done a good job about getting me psyched for all their films (DC really doesn’t make many) but they seem to be losing steam in their books. I’d expect a major restructuring soon, probably after Avengers comes out.

  5. What a plethora of negativity. Not that I disagree, but these comments are awfully negative. Maybe it will be okay. But considering the hopes I had for FF, I cant say that I am thrilled with this announcement.

  6. I wonder if Miles Morales will be in the new FF? His 616-universe counterpart, that is. The guy we haven’t met yet, but who will turn out to be the new Human Torch… His sister Mila Morales will turn out to be Invisible Girl, and I think this joke just ran its course! :D

  7. Pantsthemonkey on

    At least it’s not restarting with a brand new creative team with a brand new direction. So far I’ve really enjoyed what Hickman has done with the Fantastic Four and FF, so I’ll check it out.

    Of course, maintaining creative direction but putting out a new #1 does make it seem much more like a possible reaction to DC’s actions, though Marvel’s been re-numbering books for years, so maybe not.

    I honestly don’t care what number is on the cover, i just care about what’s inside. It’s going to take more than renumbering stunts to make me swear off a publishers entire line.

  8. Maybe it’s the time for the regular FF #600? I’m not surprised after Reeds death some years ago turned out to be he changed his body with Dr.Doom. I guess our Johnny is realy dead, but we will see a version from a different dimension. Our we will have the classic Dallas sollution.

  9. Fat Joe Quesada released a pic of the Four back together again a few days ago on his Twitter account and it does indeed have the Torch back. Quite a shocker eh? What is this the 4,009th time Marvel has pulled this stunt? Just like how Parker will be back in the Ultimate universe by opening day of his new movie next year. LAME!!

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