MARKET SHARE: Top 300 Comics for July 2011


The Top 300 Comics for July 2011 list has been released by Diamond Comic Distributors. As we touched on last week, it was a pretty even split between Marvel and DC when it came to the Top 10, with each company posting five titles each.  However, when it comes to total issues sold, Marvel did better with four titles in the top five.

In fact, Marvel and DC dominated the sales charts in July, with the first non-big-two title coming from Image Comics with Walking Dead #87. That title placed 51st on the list, up one spot from June 2011.

After that, one has to drop way down past 100 to the number 103 spot occupied by Aspen Comics Lady Mechanika #2, which received a fair amount of publicity during the solicitation period.

Overall July sales were down from June by 5.25%, but one needs to take into account that June had 5 shipping weeks, compared to July’s four.  That might be some relief, but it won’t last long as year-to-year sales continue to drop from 2010, with overall sales down 7%.

Take the jump for the Major Spoilers Top 300 List, that you can search, and pull more interesting facts from on your own.

via Diamond Comic Distributors