GenCon ’11: Saturday


While yesterday’s hi-jinks were mostly Rob driven, today’s were another story entirely. Find that story after the jump.

Today’s project was the ConQuest put on by Cheese Weasel Logistics LLC. This was more exhibition hall stuff, but of a different fashion. We (that’s me and my friends Shane Pelzel and Landry Fehrenbacher) were given five “quests.” These quests were on cards that showed nine different booths throughout the convention hall. To complete the quest you were required to get a specific hole punch from each of the nine vendors at these booths. The great thing here was that most of them were a bit smaller and many of them were not place I would have been likely to stop without some sort of prodding.

The vendors ranged from board, to card, to role playing games as well as a number of companies not specifically selling certain games, or games at all. One of the most memorable was Alea Tools a company that had created a system of magnetic markers for use with miniatures. We’re likely to see those in a future episode of Critical Hit as I will be getting them due to how useful they were.

A couple of the more interesting stops weren’t even money making companies at all. One is a gamer social site called Gamers Gather dot com. They were in the very beginning of launch for the weekend but plan to help unite gamers in a way that has yet to be seen. The other was the charity Gamers for Humanity. The group started out by going to New Orleans once the post-Katrina rebuilding had started and helping out while keeping spirits up in a typically nerdy fashion. They’ve now been going for almost four years and have a number of other helpful projects being run in many places.

Of course plenty of these were actual gaming companies and boy did we get to try out a ton of games and meet some pretty great people. Now, with 45 different stops, it’d be a bit of a chore to list them all, but I’ll be happy to scan in the sheets and put them up when I get home, so check back here after a few days and there may be some more pics up.

I’m not done yet though as I will be mentioning my favorite stop, Ohms Gaming. A large portion of why this was my favorite stop as the girl running the booth was the first person to recognize my Critical Hit T-shirt and then find out who I was (what, so I’m a bit proud and some of this recognition has gone to my head, big deal). She’s one of the Ohms Gaming Girls and her and a few of the others are in a couple of the pics below. This stop would be fortuitous as it gave me my favorite demo of the weekend for a game called Wasteland, a zombie apocalypse strategy game (There will be some more info for that in the next few days).

All in all, the ConQuest was a brilliant idea that got me to a number of places I know I would not have found on my own. Also, there’s an epic version of it to do tomorrow. The rest of the evening was rather uneventful, which was rather pleasant as though the day was the most enjoyable so far, the Convention has started to wear its toll on me. Which is why it’s time for sleep, so as the last day will at the least be survived.

Also, sorry about the picture quality but as my camera was lost and neither of the other two strictly had one every pic was taken with Landry’s phone.