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Celestial Crusade

This episode: What do you do after winning the big tournament? Get into more trouble, probably…


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  1. Only 20 minutes into it, and it’s one of the funniest episodes ever. Folding chair. Pillow fort. Cold blood war… good thing I’m not driving.

    P.S. – need more merch. Would love to support you guys by buying something

    • I WAS driving when Torq made the “‘Clearasil Messiah’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘zapping zits from hell’ line (a classic zinger from Bloom County, during the Deathtongue era.) Luckiily I was able to maintain control of my car…

  2. Haha, I have to say I love these side exploration / exposition scenes. Fantastic portrayal of the exoticness of the bazaar.

    To add to encouraging players to use more skills in a skill challenge, I’ve allowed players to assume they have certain skills trained (flat +5 bonus) when it seems appropriate. A fighter trying to remember details of his favorite military hero? Assume you have History trained. A wizard trying to find rare alchemical in his hometown? Assume you have Streetwise trained. It’s actually not as big of a bonus as it may seem at first, since they may not have bumped the associated attribute, but it’s still a decent boost. Alternatively, you could lower the DC for the check.

  3. “Gabriel” asked a question about involving young children in RPGs. Along with the suggestions given in the pod of casting, I would also point Gabriel and Stephen to rpgKids created by twitter’s @newbiedm. The product can be purchased for $2.99 at or at

    • I second that. Have been playing it with my 4 and 6 year olds, and as long as you adjust the rules appropriately, it fun for the whole family.

  4. It was great, I was sorta hoping Torq was gonna order extra poison and yell “Dude you have a tail” and point at the demon.

  5. I was hoping the party would offer to extract the poor priest of Bahamut… either way, Seven’s horrid attempt at a clandestine meeting was hilarious. Good show, mates!

  6. What a great ‘sode again! These exotics settings are one of (many) Rodrigo’s strenghts as a GM. And I love how the players are following him without asking any question and dive into the story. Rob and Brian are really good roleplayers, and Stephen, you’ve become an awesome one. You have faith in your GM, obviously (love that reference!). But i’m more impressed by Matthew every session. For someone who have played remotely, it’s really hard to get into the action and play a significant role in the story . Big props for you, Petey.

    As for the question asked by Gabriel, I’ve started last january to GM a game for my two 10 yo nephews an their father. There is always a way to adjust the game to be as vanilla as possible. My advice is to have an adult to play the game with the young ones, so you can ask him to steer the story and give in game suggestion to the young ones. You should not be afraid to stop the action to “teach” the game on some precise point related to what just happened. My nephews are now way better roleplayers and for my doom are interested in trying Shadowrun and other differents systems.

  7. Hey may I ask a question in this episode the guys acquired a speak with dead ritual could they possibly use this ritual to commune with the spirit of Smith?

  8. What was with the whole “city built on water and its sinking / subway built out of flash frozen pieces of ice” bit? That made NO sense and there was NO context – just curious. First thought he was talking about Shalai on the Astral Sea but then it seemed to be a real world place; so confused. Clarification?

  9. Quality episode. A characteristic of the experienced and skillful DM is the ability to run a good city adventure. Not many can do this. Rodrigo did a great job here. The picture was painted well and the story unfolded nicely. The demon pretending to buy something seemed a little out of place, but no big deal (maybe have him reading a newspaper too? :-p). These episodes are much more entertaining for me than the fighting ones. It’s all about the story telling.

  10. Did Matthew seriously just make a Bloom County reference? It cracks me up that Matthew continues to think of himself as old, then makes references that leave the rest of the group staring at him, while I’m rolling on the floor laughing. I am 28. Either I grew up old-fashioned, or Matthew is not as old as he thinks.

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