I kind of feel like we’re in the middle of a big show of force between Warner Bros. and Disney as each tries to best the other with the biggest news this week.  First it was black Spider-Man followed by Fishburne’s Perry White.  Then Warner continued the push yesterday with the first shot of Henry Cavill in his Superman getup.

Today, we get Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle.

Super-sized image when you make with the clicking

While it is clearly Anne Hathaway, and she clearly is trying to steal Batman’s Batpod, there’s nothing that says this is Catwoman (though we know that isn’t the case).  The studio released this image shortly after a number of unofficial snaps made their appearance on the Intardwebz yesterday.

Thanks for the tip Rich!


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  1. Nice Batwoman costume, it looks just like Kate Kane’s suit only missing the red cape, just perfect… wait Catwoman!? I know it doesn’t suit the theme of “functionality” the trilogy had, but I was hoping for a purple suit at least.

  2. A catwoman sans purple suit, big ears, or a plunging neckline… Can sexy and playful be done without them?

    Image her driving through some glass doors, saving Batman from the guy who has a gun on him (part of Ra’s al-Ghul’s hunchmen after some artifact Selina is also after?), going from a serious look to a little smile – “Missing something?” Onto a high speed chase with batman in a seriously hampered batmobile and selina kyle in the batpod.

    It can be done. In Nolan I trust.

  3. When Selina Kyle first appeared in the comic, she didn’t bear the name ‘Catwoman’ and neither she wore sexy costume. Her clothes were simply a party gown and she used a mask and known as The Cat.

    In short, yes, I dig Hathaway version. Love it.

  4. for anyone complaining about the suit not looking like “catwoman” it seems to be an updated/realistic version of the julie newmar suit from the old tv show, so they were trying to look like a catwoman

  5. She needs to drop the visor/night vision thing. Yeah, it’s probably actually practical, but she’s got really pretty eyes and we shouldn’t cover that up.

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