If you are wondering what Henry Cavill will look like when he dons his duds for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, take a gander at the image Warner Bros. has released.

Click for 2100x1400 image

Though it looks like the Superman costume we are used to, it does look a little thicker and almost looks like the amour costume Jim Lee has cooked up.  Can’t really tell in the picture if he’s wearing his underwear on the outside, but I do see the texturing looks similar to that Spider-Man costume we’ve seen recently.  Guess that is the new H’wood way…

In any case, I like what I see so far.

via Warner Bros.


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  1. Some small differences, since it’s a new actor playing Superman, they’ve dropped the curl and gone for a swept back hairstyle. As for the suit, everything needs to evolve sometimes. Like Wolverine didn’t wear a yellow and black suit with huge “wings” coming off his head for the X-men movies, but I would have liked to see them pull it off. heh.

  2. I dig it, overall not bad. With this movie we are guarenteed a few things.

    1.) It will look great.
    2.) Superman will actually do things with the powers, not just mope.
    3.) If the scripts halfway decent it will be well acted, heck of a cast.

    And at this stage in the game that’s all we can hope for. Still would have preferred Brainiac not Zod, but that’s just me.

    • I have a feeling that Nolan and Snyder wanted a relatable villain for this movie. Zod and his cronies fit that bill.
      Maybe in the second or third movie, they could have a Braniac/Luthor team-up.

    • No that’s not just you. I would have LOOOOOVED for Brainiac to be the star villain . If there’s on thing mainstream fans don’t know about Superman is his rougues gallery outside of Lex Luthor, Zod and his cronies (Zaora & Quex-Ul)

      Brainiac would have been perfect as he not only brings the brains and an army of robots for Supes to beat the crap out of, but he ties into his Krypton past. If Man of Steel gets a sequel DC has NO EXCUSE to not put him in.

  3. When you speak of Jim Lee’s costume, I presume you meant to say “armor,” right? Because I’m familiar enough with French to wonder why Superman would be wearing an “amour” costume,

  4. Brainy Pirate on

    I’m worried he’s going to get all tangled up in that cape!

    But I’m glad that it looks like he’s not wearing his trunks.

  5. Superman is escapist fantasy. Let the man wear light blue tights with red trunks over his pants! Enough with “realistic” and “gritty” interpretations of leotard-clad men who hit each other in the name of justice, already!

    Besides, it worked for Christopher Reeve, and he’s still the gold standard for the character.

    Come to think of it, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Women pulled off her “satin tights” in a way that set the bar for the 30 years. Why not just let these characters be?

    • Brainy Pirate on

      I don’t think it worked for Reeve, although he pulled it off better than any other actor. Live-action movies are much more realistic by nature than comics, and I think they prove that the 1930s wrestler/strongman costume just looks silly on a real person, especially one seen in close-up and 40-feet tall.

      Somehow, the only movie super-spandex costume I’ve seen work is Spider-Man’s. And I’m not sure why that one works but not Superman’s or Green Lantern’s. But the leather X-Men gear and Capt. America’s uniform work quite well.

      I am much happier with the recent trend towards reimagining comics heroes in pants. They may be fantasy characters, but my knowledge of the real world tells me that they’d be laughed at if they showed up in leotards. Even the athletic outfits worn by swimmers, speed skaters and track stars look neither fearsome nor inspiring enough to work for a super-hero.

      • I’d still like to see Ryan Reynolds just trying on a physical GL costume, just to see how it looks. I wonder if it’d look better than the weak sauce CGI suit did.

    • Same here, it reminds me way too much of the Lois & Clark tv show. It begs the question: “Why is Superman wearing gel? And what kind of gel stays on when flying at super-sonic speeds?”

      Superman’s costume (and all bodysuits in general) are so hard to do right whatever looks descent (as in trying to emulate the original colors/patterns) is okay by me. Somehow I feel it’s more important that he look different as Clark Kent then how good he looks as Superman.

  6. Ha! With that haircut, he totally looks like Dale DaBone from the Superman porn parody. The costume is fantastic, but Henry Cavill himself shares a resemblance.

  7. Here is the question I have. Why would he need to wear armor, he is not Batman. I know its hollywood and they screw up everything. But a rubber suit???? Cant wait to see the Lone Ranger Wearing chainmail.

  8. Pretty damn perfect. One could argue details for days but the fact that he looks ready for action and the pose and look in his eyes tells us that he’s not just going to fly fast around the planet or lift heavy things all film to get that action done is a huge step up for a Superman film.

  9. I’m huge Superman fan and a huge Zack Snyder fan. The costume does look a bit golden age which is cool, however, I can’t say I’m absolutely thrilled with the texture. And please fix the hair.

  10. Is it me or does this look the Jersey Shore version of Superman. Is Snooky his sidekick? GTL yo, before you try to save the freakin’ world.

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