STORE: KABLAMMAKUS! Hero T-Shirt arrives


In case you missed the news, I just wanted to remind everyone that you can now purchase your very own Kablammakus! Hero T-Shirt.


You’re read his exploits, you know his history, now it’s time to show your love for the greatest hero ever created!

With hammering fists of justice, and the wind of truth at his back, he never falters from battle, never cowers from combat, never forgets the rule of three!


This high quality t-shirt is designed by Thomas Perkins and will look stunning on anyone!

Unlike the first Critical Hit T-Shirt, this one isn’t a limited edition and will be around for years to come (or until we go out of business, which ever comes first).

And if this shirt isn’t to your liking, keep checking out the store, as we have many more items and shirts just waiting to hit the stockroom in the weeks ahead.

As always, we appreciate everything you do to make Major Spoilers a success.