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Just when you thought that “zombie ants” were one of the freakier aspects of nature run amok, here come the Frickin’ Butt-Kickin’ Zombie Ants, stars of a new comics series that was snapped up at Comic-Con.

Publishing house First Comics emblazoned the tagline, “The Worlds’ Most Zombastic Comic-Book” across the top of the book.

The Zombie Ants are five-foot tall prehistoric ants who were zombified by a brain fungus, then fossilized, and now reanimated in the wake of a volcanic eruption.

‘The twist is that the ZAs are good guys,” explained their creator, comics scribe Steve Stern, until now best known as co-creator of another indie comic phenom, Zen Intergalactic Ninja.

“You see, in the world of our comic, there are your typical zombies, who must kill humans in order to ingest their brains, and then there are your good zombies, who’ve learned to subsist on a synthetic substance known as Brainus Artificialis.

“The stage is set for some really wild and funny action,” he says, “pitting zombie against zombie, not to mention your typical zombie-hating humans, not to mention the Zombie Ants’ natural enemy, Decapitating Flies.”

Fortunately, the ZAs are befriended by a kindly zombie couple and given the names of some of their favorite Russian novelists—Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Nabokov and Gorky.  They’re also armed with everything from blowtorches to chainsaws, to assault rifles and longbows.

The book is illustrated by the Fillbach Brothers, whose art for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures comics have made them a household name in the comics industry.

Stern and the Fillbachs signed Frickin’ Butt-Kickin’ Zombie Ants #1 at the First Comics booth throughout Comic-Con, and will be appearing at several other comic-book conventions over the coming months.



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