MOVIE: Doctor Strange still in development


The rumor that Doctor Strange would get the Marvel movie treatment is closer to reality, as the website Twitch reports that scriptwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer have turned in their draft of the script to the House of Ideas. The next step will be finding a director.

Donnelly and Oppenheimer are the writing pair behind the new Conan movie and this past weekend’s Cowboys and Aliens flick – and depending on your P.O.V. you may not have high hopes for Doctor Strange.

One of the early rumors early on was that Doctor Strange and other lesser known Marvel character would be getting the mini-movie treatment, ala the Saturday morning serials, that would act as the lead into the feature Marvel presentation.

So today, we asking you, the Major Spoilerites, what would you prefer – A full on Sorcerer Supreme movie, or a series of smaller shorts that lead into a feature Marvel/Disney movie?

via Twitch