The news has finally broken that the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man isn’t Peter Parker, but rather Mile Morales.  The racial change is sure to make Ultimate Fallout #4 a sought after issue, and The All New Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 a big seller.

But is this simply a stunt by Marvel that will be undone in a year, or is this the real deal that will be long lasting?


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  1. I voted stunt, though its a close one for me.
    So far, Marvel has let the Ultimate universe have some permanent changes. But I’m a little cynical that they’re not going to let it go for Peter Parker.

    I hope I’m wrong, because for the first time in quite a while I’m interested in picking up an Ultimate book.

  2. If it had been in the main Marvel continuity I would have screamed stunt from the top of my lungs. However, seeing as this is the Ultimate universe, I can see it sticking. If there is a place where you could pull this off, it would be there.

    Am I too naive for believeing this?

  3. I wanted to vote “Real Deal,” but looking back at comics in general (especially Spider-Man’s history) I can totally see Marvel bringing Ultimate Peter back. As comic book readers, our hobby is filled with these bait-and-switch style story arcs.

  4. Rui Almeida, aka Ariamus on

    Gotta be a stunt! They’ll bring Petey back… at least until they kill him again. Then maybe Miguel O’Hara can be Spidey again… ;-)

  5. I’de like to think real deal, but the fact the black community is up in arms at a black Nick Fury already, I doubt a black Spider-man will be welcomed in a warmer fashion.

    Nick Fury is a b-list player while Spider-Man is A+ list superhero, no way people embrace the change, specially not writers who can retcon this at will.

  6. I voted Peter Parker will be back. I’m not sure it is a stunt though. Even if they intend for Peter to not come back, he will. Even in the Ultimate universe. Of course it’s possible the Ultimate universe itself will dry up and blow away before that happens. Or maybe Marvel will have a Crisis on Infinite Earths type event and bring Ultimate universe into the 616 universe. But then I’d say Peter coming back is even more likely.

  7. Where’s that third option Matthew is always gripping about?!!

    I think Mike Morales will be around for a long, long time BUT I think Peter Parker will eventually be back. I honestly we’ll see a middle ground on this one – chances are the new Spider-Book will slowly bring back members of Peter’s supporting cast, and Peter Parker will return before too long – but whether he takes up the tights again is another question.

  8. litanyofthieves on

    Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”, so I voted that it’s not a stunt. Though it actually might be.

  9. I believe that it will be permanant. The Ultimateverse has made some drastic changes and kept them. Killed well known characters who have thus far stayed dead and does not have the vested interest that the 616 Universe has in Peter Parker.
    Those that want Parker can read the 616 titles, those that like Miles can continue to read him here. Spiderman 2099 was probably the best of those titles and it had no relation by and large to Peter Parker. I believe that they could keep him for a while and people may eventually forget Ultimate Spidey I.

  10. I want this to be permanent and fulfill what I always thought the Ultimate Universe should have been (familiar codenames, new faces & approaches, not just a retread of stuff that you can buy in the Essential collections with sharper dialogue), and I want Miles Morales to be a well-written character in his own right. So that’s how I voted, despite the screaming of my inner cynic.

  11. One does not exclude the other. Surely Peter Parker will be back – we are talking comics here. But if Morales does a good job, there’s no reason why he should not be around at the same time. How many Batmen are kicking around right now?

    • Yes, but that is DC this is “kill a character every 3 months” Marvel, remember Bucky Cap? I don’t think they’ll have Peter and Miles at the same time, at least not for long.

  12. Like most people here in Major Spoilers, I am torn between what I want and what I believe. Like I stated before, I am supportive of having Miles Morales take up the Spider-Man mantle and wish him many fruitful years. However, I have to face reality. There is a Spider-Man movie coming out in 2012 which features a Peter Parker that is still in high school and you know how much Marvel enjoys tying their titles to the movies. So I expect Peter back in time to sell his movie.

    The only thing that could spare him is if 616 Peter traded his current girl to Mephisto in exchange for making him young again and sending him back to high school.

    Once again; I want to believe but Marvel business practice makes it hard to do so.

  13. I voted real deal. I believe that the Marvel editorship can use the Ultimate universe as a big “What If” sandbox and play out the big changes in character that the regular 616 universe can not.

    However, if sales figures do not support this direction, I could see Peter coming back and becoming the CEO of Spidey Ltd. or some such.

  14. Where is the option: “Who cares? This is ultimate-verse anyway.”

    Not to be harsh, but it is the experimental world. So, there you go. I voted not a stunt. Marvel is trying stuff out.

  15. ClubberLang6 on

    I hope it is not a stunt. I have never bought an ultimate comic book, but I am sure going to pick this one up.

  16. Matisleonhart on

    I voted stunt only because I believe that Peter will be back at some point. It could be 2 or 3 years down the line, but he will be back. Either way though, I already like Miles and I’m very excited for the new direction of my favorite mainstream comic book “Ultimate Spiderman”

  17. I actually don’t think this is a stunt. However, I also don’t think that this will a lasting change. I fear that in a few years (at most) Peter will be back slinging webs and Miles will die a horrible, horrible death that angers pretty much everyone.

  18. I’m hoping they stick with Miles for a bit, mostly because I want Donald Glover to play Spider-Man in a movie.

  19. I voted Stunt, but I wanted to vote both.

    Peter Parker will be back as Spider man, of that I have no doubt, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Miles hanging around as the Red Arachnid or something.

    Maybe Peter Parker will start a franchise and there could be a Spider man of every ethnic hue!

  20. darklighter1 on

    Boy this place is like a liberal hangout spot huh? Don’t you see how Marvel is pandering to you mopes? They use the whole race thing as a big “look at me! Look at me!” stunt and a year from now when the movie is ready for release Parker will be back. How are ya gonna feel about Marvel then?

    • So? Would this be the first time someone at Marvel has said something and done another? Would this be the first time a writers wishes have been trumped by someone higher up?

  21. It’s a bobby euwing thing. Petes in a coma from the fight. In his mind he is trying to create a normal life but everything in his subconcious drives him towards being spiderman.
    Peter is supposed to be spiderman!!!

    I have no objections to arachnoid, arachno boy (i can’t call him spiderman) but give me back my Pete, he only had a year as spiderman, he just made 16 then u killed him. No time for his relationships to develop, his powers to increase. Please.

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