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Celestial Crusade

This episode: Four enter the Palace of Carnage, but who will emerge victorious!? Are you ready to rumble?


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  1. Best episode ever, I laughed out loud when Rodrigo said ” My lord Grummsh thinks that would be kinda cool” Awesome sauce! Also loved all of Torq’s titles. Great job Mr Matthew. Been listening since the early days of CH and helped me though boring times, like when the earthquake hit us! ( I live in Japan). Keep up the great work guys! May all your dice rolls be critical hits!

  2. I agree, awesome episode you guys. I expecially liked how Rodrigo interpreted Gruumsh. Very interesting.
    Those monsters were scary :O.

  3. This episode is certain to be a fan favorite. Is it wrong that I was hoping Torq would fail just so we could see what would happen when Gruumsh channeled through him?

    • Is it wrong that I was hoping Torq would fail just so we could see what would happen when Gruumsh channeled through him?

      Not wrong… During that whole sequence, I was thinking how I was going to interpret Grummshtorq, should the worst occur. My Darkseid voice was going to get a workout…

  4. BavarianGnomes on

    Great episode…Maybe the best skill challenge yet, if a bit steep. DC of 25 is officially rated as HARD for level 9. When Seven Owls jumped at the slug monster and disappeared into it, I was reminded of the end of Akira. Of course Torq’s titles were really fun, and I especially liked how Ket was able to redeem his poor showing in the arena with his re-roll power. What is Torq’s alignment? It would be interesting to see his reaction to Grumsh’s minions’ idea of fun, post battle.

  5. Thought the story, and drama, were both quality… as always.

    However, Ghostbeard’s challenge really brought to light how hard it is to play classes that focus on secondary stats. With the focus on strength, Ghostbeard is always going to sub-par on the ‘strongpoints’ of the cleric Wis/Int based class favored skills. I kinda felt bad for Brian.

    Is this something that the DM should consider when trying to set DCs for challenges, or (as you described in the ‘everyone wants to be a striker’ question) just something you have to let the player endure for making that character choice?

    • Players always failing the rolls is just as bad as players always making the rolls, so no, that shouldn’t be something that player should have to deal with. I’m still tweaking the DCs.

  6. I love the way Rodrigo portrays the different gods. Each of them feels so distinct in their own ways. I also liked how each of the challenges seem to be tailored to each combatant’s “weaknesses”, even if they aren’t mechanically represented (although maybe by the hard DC): Heavily armored cleric in water, monk for stuff that paralyzes on contact, warrior versus an air-based being… I’m not sure if Ket’s match-up was suppose follow the same idea or not.

    Did Matthew nat-20 the Bluff check at the end? DC 25 would be hella hard to hit for what I presume is an untrained skill!

  7. This was an awesome episode. I laughed my ass off and choke when Rob rolled a series of 3-4. And to Brian critical faillure(s). But when Torq started is own challenge, I knew that Grummush was going down! Matthew, I don’t know what you did in your precedent life, but you must’ve been a pope or something! For the same reason, I don’t want to know what Brian did in his last life!

    Awesome job again, guys!

  8. I really enjoyed the episode. I love the way Rodrigo uses the different gods, I cannot wait to see his take on Vecna. Keep up the good work guys.

  9. Great episode, loved how Torq started throwing in the other party members knowing full well they would fail horribly so he can jump in at the end and save the day. It was a cool WWE like move (Chris Jerico like move).

    I was surprised that Rodrigo chose a skill challenge as this God’s test, we know for a fact that he believes failing a skill challenge should never be a deal breaker for a mission (said as much to Stephen when he was teaching him to DM) so the party’s mission was not in “real” danger .

    I sorta expected the last fight with Torq to be real combat againts the mefit, maybe 4 on 4 or something like it. Then again I love when Rodrigo goes and does unexpected things with his DMing, after reading/watching so much stuff I can usually see a plot line a mile away, not with Critical Hit, which is great.

    • Yes, I can see how that might have come across, but that is not what I meant.

      What I meant was that failing a skill challenge should not stop your plot dead. There’s no point to a challenge if the party is going to ‘succeed’ even if they fail.

      So in that sense, had they all failed the game wouldn’t have gone to a countdown screen with a big “CONTINUE?” on top, the game would have gone on, but the consequences of the failure would have been felt.

      Oh yes, they would have been felt.

      • Yeah, with the challenge set between Torq and Gruumsh, wages were set for both sides. If they won they’d get Gruumsh’s legions and if they lost, Torq would have to be a Champion of Gruumsh. The story would have just spun slightly into another direction and now that I think about it, that would have been Awesome! It’s those plot hooks and things that don’t come to pass that I like too though, it shows that Rodrigo’s story isn’t “on rails”, he has an overarching story to tell but it’s up to the guys to figure out how they want to get there. Keep up the great work Guys!!

  10. “Behold! Ket, the Untitled”

    Oh Rodrigo, when it comes to DnD I want you to have my ugly demon babies. Big fan

  11. Very well done! Glad that Grumsch was played a little more aggressively than the rather meek Tiamat and Lolth.

    I hope Torq is the official negotiator, representative, and leader for everything from now on. Only by the grace of Torq was Ket not disentegrated on multiple occasions (again).

  12. I actually found this one REALLY disappointing. The lead up was so great, the Diplomacy with Gruumch was awesome, and then… it just gets sad. I was really hoping for a super epic combat where the party really has to pull together to kick some ass. And then it just boiled down to 4 INDIVIDUAL skill challenges. And the first 3 were actually just pitiful with a 25 DC and with 5/3 win ratio, a few bad rolls and sadness ensued. It wasn’t even cinematically cool. If it weren’t for Torq’s EXTREMELY close call, the entire episode would have just been wasted. Maybe I was just hoping for an epic demon combat in front of the God of battle, but i dunno.

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