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  1. How amazing would it be if it *WAS* Ben Reilly? In the Ultimate Universe, Ben Reilly was introduced as a young black man working at ESU. A black Spider-Man? That’s exciting.

  2. Bendis is still writing? I think it would be interesting if a new writer would take on ultimate spiderman.

    (I agree that ultimate Ben Reilly could be a interesting choice)

  3. GrandHarrier on

    Is it wrong of me that I saw this title and was like, “I didn’t even know they were doing a ‘Fallout’ Comic, let alone an Ultimate Fallout.”

  4. Although it would be cool if Ben Reilly was the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe… I don’t this that will be the case… HOWEVER, I do think that Ben Reilly has something to do with the new Spider-Man whether it be directly or indirectly…

    Some may not remember, but Ben Reilly created/introduced Carnage into the Ultimate Spider-Man universe by splicing Peter Parker’s (Spidey) & Dr. Conner’s (Lizard) blood with a piece of the Venom Symbiote… at the very end of the Carnage arc… Ben Reilly was able to get a 2nd sample of Peter’s blood and created 5 Spider-Man clones while working for the CIA… 4 of the 5 clone escaped when Carnage attacked the lab…

    So, maybe one of those clones decided to take up the mantle of Spider-Man when Pete died?

      • Ultimate Scorpion, which was revealed to shard 94% of Peter’s DNA is in SHIELD custody (to my knowledge). It’s only stated that Tarantula & Kaine are “apparently” dead; and you know how “apparently” only means that there is a possibility that they are still alive. Richard Parker, one of the other clones is deceased. And as you said, Jessica Drew, is still alive…

        So, maybe the NEW, Spider-Man is the Scorpion… because when SHIELD took Scorpion prisoner hey told his staff to “get to work.” A SHIELD sponsored Spider-Man?

        Or, it could be Kaine, because he only “apparently” got shot by a Spider-Slayer and the outfit he wore was similar to the Scarlet Spider’s of Earth-616 (which might reflect back to that Comic Con teaser image with the burning Scarlet Spider suit?)

        • I meant to say “Nick Fury” said to “Get to work” on The Scorpion… :P Sorry

          Tarantula is also a possibility… because SHIELD took custody of his body… so maybe they chopped off some arms?

          Or another idea is that they have 3 of 5 of the clones bodies in custody (not sure if they got Richard Parker’s body)… but heck, they have enough scientist working for them… so an entirely NEW clone is a definitely possibility… they have the DNA from the other clones.

      • I’m sorry but all I could think about looking at that art was “someone really needs to feed Spiderman, whoever it is” and “Why does the villain look like Joe Dirt or the guy that lives down the road from me and can only drive a moped?”

  5. I think ol “Mr. Crocodile Dundee” there might be related to Kraven the Hunter… Kraven did have a wife… so maybe an Ultimate version of Vladimir Kravinoff or Alyosha Kravinoff…. Or better yet… A clone of Kraven (aka Xraven in the Earth-616 Universe)…

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