STORE: F’Continuity T-Shirt Returns


I just wanted to let everyone know that the F’Continuity T-Shirt is now available in the Major Spoilers store.

Every so often publishers decide to reboot, relaunch, renumber, and/or put a new character behind the mask. When this occurs some fan rejoice, while others become irritated with the changes to continuity.

Now you can let everyone know what you think about change!


Yes, this is the same F’Continuity shirt we sold in the past, but we’ve found a local shop that is giving us a discount, and we’re passing the savings on to you!

But unlike our last T-Shirt, this one isn’t a limited edition and will be around for years to come (or until we go out of business, which ever comes first).

And if this shirt isn’t to your liking, keep checking out the store, as we have many more items and shirts just waiting to hit the stockroom in the weeks ahead.

As always, we appreciate everything you do to make Major Spoilers a success.