SDCC’11: Defenders return


With all of the Marvel “It’s In You Or It’s Not” teaser images, it didn’t take fans too long to figure out the Defenders were returning.

Defenders #1 will debut in December, and will be written by Matt Fraction with art by Terry Dodson.

“The Hulk needs a favor and he goes to people he feels owe him. That happens to be the some of the people you and I know as the Defenders. It’s not necessarily a pleasant reunion. It’s not a comfortable one. There are a lot of grudges because of some recent history, but the awkward truth of it all is Hulk needs help, which is never an easy thing to ask for especially if you’re him,” Fraction told CBR News. “Red She-Hulk quickly comes along. So does, for reasons to be revealed, Iron Fist.”

With the twist that there is a giant cosmic conspiracy that team needs to solve, it sounds like a story I might be checking out.  Plus it has Dodson art and Red She-Hulk in it, so the art should be spectacular.

via Comic Book Resources