SDCC’11: Dark Knight getting animated treatment in two parts


During the Warner Bros. Animation panel at Comic-Con the company announced its lineup of animated movies coming in 2012.

  • First up is Justice League: Doom – an animated take on Mark Waid’s JLA: Tower of Babel story.
  • Superman vs. The Elite – From what I can tell, this is an adaptation of What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way? by Joe Kelly that appeared in Action Comics #775 from 2001.
  • The Dark Knight Returns – Do you really need to know what this one is about?

The real surprise about The Dark Knight Returns is Warner Animation plans to release this movie in two parts. It’s odd because this is a direct to DVD animated movie, and you’d think the company could make the movie as long or short as they wanted. This two-parter announcement may be partially in response to the large number of movie franchises that are splitting their movies in two in order to rake in more money.

via Bleeding Cool