During the Warner Bros. Animation panel at Comic-Con the company announced its lineup of animated movies coming in 2012.

  • First up is Justice League: Doom – an animated take on Mark Waid’s JLA: Tower of Babel story.
  • Superman vs. The Elite – From what I can tell, this is an adaptation of What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way? by Joe Kelly that appeared in Action Comics #775 from 2001.
  • The Dark Knight Returns – Do you really need to know what this one is about?

The real surprise about The Dark Knight Returns is Warner Animation plans to release this movie in two parts. It’s odd because this is a direct to DVD animated movie, and you’d think the company could make the movie as long or short as they wanted. This two-parter announcement may be partially in response to the large number of movie franchises that are splitting their movies in two in order to rake in more money.

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    • Two ways you could approach the split – everything leading up to the return of the Dark Knight and including the fight with the head gangmember in the mud, and part two the Joker fight and Superman battle. At least that seems like the natural breaking point in the four issues.

  1. Reminds me of the days when they gouged parents of POWER RANGERS fans by releasing ONE (1) half hour episode per disc, and charging the same as a DVD with a full movie.

  2. Even though I was kinda hoping it’d be an original story, I’m excited for Justice League: Doom. Same for Superman.

  3. Whoopie-doo again DC/Warner Brothers pulls on Batman and they keep going with the main Justice League. I’ve bowed out cause it seems that’s all they’re going to run, Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Women, Green Lantern, to keep pumping their bottom line. I’m tired of it and started closing my wallet to Warner Brothers before All Star Superman was released. There’s other stories in the DC universe. I doubt it they’d run them. From Sgt Rock, Lobo, Jonah Hex, Weird Western Heroes, Spectre, The Demon etc. They screwed up the Jonah Hex live action and only give the Jonah 15 min in the DC Universe shorts. Now with the comic relaunch they’ve decided to tie in Jonah Hex in with Batman with Gotham and Arkarm. DC just like Marvel lost my support with the monthly subscription ………

    • Well, honestly, Superman, Batman, et. al. will draw more than just comic fans and if they sink a lot of money into a Sgt. Rock or Lobo movie, they’ll probably have a ton of leftover copies sitting in stores, not getting bought. Not beyond the 30,000 comic fans who feel like spending their money on them. I’d surely buy them too, I’m in agreement that I wish they’d make more movies of lower tier characters, but in reality it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

      • Damascus, that’s the nature of the thing, I know sometimes I gripe a lot more across the blogs here when I see a new animated movie just using the main Justice League or just themselves as in case with this new Batman. As you said in a way what Warner Brothers has to do to keep their business in the black. For me when Warner put out Jonah Hex they should have stopped it right during the acceptance of the script,(meaning they should have not introduced Jonah Hex with the powers of the “Crow”), I know Westerns aren’t the biggest draw anymore with movie goers without something added to the mix,(Cowboys & Aliens), or star power. They had to mix in the “Crow” and the “Wild Wild West”(the Will Smith version), that ruined it for me. That’s my gripe with Warner Brothers. I know the other side of the coin that it does take the main Justice League Members to introduce the other lower tier characters, cause it was through Batman The Animated Series where I was introduced to Jonah Hex(Season 3 Eps. Showdown). It was Batman TAS at the beginning & end with Jonah Hex as the hero of the story. I guess it would be the same with Superman TAS, (Lobo), and Justice League JLU cartoons with character appearances Sgt. Rock for example. I guess it’s what Warner & DC has to do to keep in the black,(profits) but as for me I’ll pass as I did for All Star Superman.

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